vomiting feeling

why do you feel like vomiting when youre really hungry?
and after eating, the vomiting feeling goes away very slowly.

Answer by mantidae@verizon.net
acid reflux disease maybe?

Answer by Fred B
no i get a head ache. i dont feel like vomiting.

Answer by Devin
idk but but i get that feeling some times

Answer by shhh
cuz when ur really hungry your stomach could hurt and that makes u wanna throw up
i dont know
but i feel that way too

answer mine?

Answer by sweetangel131989
probably cramping from trying to break down food thats not there. im no doctor or anything but im just assuming its contractings trying to work but theres nothing there.
i get that all the time. idk tho.
look it on wickipedia?

Answer by JJ7000
I sometimes get it if I skip meals. With me the nausea goes away quite quickly.

See a doc if it persists.

Answer by Sarah K
Because there is no food in your stomach, it starts to shrink, but only slowly. This makes you feel sick because the walls of your stomach are pushing in on themselves. The feeling goes away slowly as the food starts to reach the stomach, expanding it.

Answer by hot rod
your stomach is empty dont wait untill you feel sick eat a twinke or something

Answer by Blanna A
stomach issue. http://www.miniflashbox.com free games!:-)

Answer by Dick Hurtz
You’re brain can misinterpret hunger and thirst for nausea, usually accompanied with a headache, as long as it isn’t severe you will be fine.

vomiting feeling: why do you feel like vomiting when youre really hungry?

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