Why do I feel like vomiting after working out?

vomiting feeling

Why do I feel like vomiting after working out?
Is there something I can do to prevent this feeling?

Answer by dukalink6000
You may be pushing too hard. Do you eat before you run? That can be a factor as well

Answer by spongerobert1
Too intense, which is counterproductive.

Answer by Renacuajo
I would think you are going beyond your current limits. Think about getting a heart rate monitor watch. It will allow you to workout at the right level. Enough to acomplish but not so much that you can hurt yourself. And of course, check with your Doctor. You never know.

Answer by eskew_obfuscation
exercising releases an acid directly into the stomach which can most definately cause nausea and even vomiting

Answer by Allen P
the blood in your stomach is shunted to the muscles used during your workout (especially the large thigh muscles). Any food still being digested in your stomach isn’t being “processed” as efficiently and gastric emptying slows down causing nausea. Of course, if you had a large meal before working out that will make you sick too.

Answer by stoners_reekin_havoc
just do light work outs for a while, don’t go all out, its not good for you

Answer by <º))))><.·´¯`·.
Increase the difficuly levels step by step. Dont do work out too hard.

Answer by reggieman
Limit what you eat BEFORE working out….

You see, your body assigns your blood supply to prioritize certain functions. Delivering energy and removing wastes from your organs, THEN your muscles are extremely high on that list.
But processing food energy is right up there too….

Your body Fights to process food, but will lose it if it has to, and when you’re working out that creates a conflict within the body….and your workout wins! You puke because your body needs to clear out the waste MORE than it needs the food energy!

If you must eat, eat lightly about 2 hours before your workout, and stick to fruits and veggies, no meat or gravy as they’re too hard to process…Also, try to maintain a higher level of liquids, especially water throughout the entire day to keep yourself hydrated, drinking a quart of water before workout is Bad! So try to drink a cup of water with each meal to spread the intake over a 24 hour period…That’s better

Now attempt to pace your meal AFTER the work out…When you get to resting rate you can have some more fruit, followed by carbs a half hour later, then introduce meats about a half hour after that

vomiting feeling: Why do I feel like vomiting after working out?

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