Why do I feel dizzy after taking off my glasses?

dizziness feeling

Why do I feel dizzy after taking off my glasses?
Anytime I wear my glasses for more than maybe 15 or 20 minutes, I feel kind of dizzy after I take them off. Why does this happen and what should I do to prevent this?

Answer by Melissa
I used to have this problem when i got a new prescription. My doctor told me that it was just bc my eyes were adjusting to the glassesand then i took them off too soon. After a couple of weeks my eyes got used to the glasses

hope that helps

Answer by Purple Potatoes
It’s because your glasses make you see in somewhat of a different point of view. After a while, your eyes get used to seeing things in that kind of view. Then, when you suddenly take them off, your eyes are kind of in shock because of the sudden change of view, which causes your brain to be confused, resulting in your dizziness. To prevent this, try closing your eyes as soon as you take them off and keep them closed for about one minute.
Good luck!

Answer by Princess
It happens to me all the time. Please dont call me a creep hecause i asked a question. That was rude and you hurt my feelings.

Answer by Nearsighted Emily
Do you have significant astigmatism? That would do it much more than spherical error.

Answer by Jacobs Assisted
Yes, because your eyes are now working harder to force on things, and takes lots more strength for your eyes to work.

dizziness feeling: Why do I feel dizzy after taking off my glasses?

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