Why Am I Feeling Sick Every Morning?

Why Am I Feeling Sick Every Morning?
I’m a 21 yr old female with no pre-existing health conditions.

(I’m not overweight, either)

(However, please note that I have a really bad cavity that is to be removed in November and my doctor is suspecting the possibility of IBS.)

On to my symptoms, I’ll keep it short and sweet:

This had been going on for a few months now but recently for the past two weeks or so it’s been EVERY morning.

I get up every morning at 7:00 after a full nights rest. (7-8 hrs)
Immediately I feel slightly nauseated, dizzy and weak.
Sometimes my heart is beating really fast and I need to lay down. It also feels like I have a fever but it hasn’t registered on my thermometer that I do.

It’s just a general feeling of sickness. I used to jump up in the morning feeling great! I love the mornings.

This morning I had really bad cramping around my hip bones (I’ll just assume that it’s from the area my ovaries are?)

I got off my menstrual period two weeks ago.

OTHER than pregnancy (I’ve considered this an option) what could this be?

Thanks in advance! =)

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Answer by Drizzt D
you have a bad tooth look at that. I know from seeing others a bad tooth can effect your entire body. though i’ve never had a cavity or anything wrong with my teeth (thank god) so i can’t tell sympathies with you on how it feels.
my advice is to maybe get a check up tell the doc your symptoms or call the dentist that will be doing it and ask the nurse at the desk. somewhere you will get sound advice.

as for the other more likely possibilities when was the last time you had a pap smear to check for possible illnesses and cancer? or perhaps you have a history of cysts or perhaps other female specific issues? have you checked on a bladder infection any additional effects mucos in the urine, any blood or other foreign objects in the urine?
Perhaps odd discharge. there are many things you should look for.
and if it continues for 3 or more days seek your family doctor for consultation.
You could have a minor to a major issue that could have developed.

Answer by Adam’s Rib
It has to be pregnancy. My sister had her period the whole time she was pregnant. I have IBS. Try not drinking coffee or any ccaffeine for awhile. Cut out broccoli and cauliflower and lettuce. See if that helps. Also beans and high fat items.

Answer by Lynzu
perhaps you have something on your mind. i notice that when i used to go and wake up, i’d feel sick as well. i talked to a friend of mine and she said it was because of this thing going on in my life. my brain was always awake even though my body was resting.

look at some of your other priorities?
do you have a toddler? this could be that you are always keeping an eye of your child, and not getting the rest you need because you care.
do you have anyone in the family that has been sick, or flu or anything?

if you have something on your mind all the time, you’re not sleeping.

Answer by sicilian_principessa144
the tooth- get rid of it
if that doesn’t help check for ovarian cysts. i get that way when mine are acting up

morning sickness feeling: Why Am I Feeling Sick Every Morning?

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