why am i feeling nauseous every time I eat?

why am i feeling nauseous every time I eat?
For about 3 months I’ve been getting sick or feeling nauseous every time i eat. I know I”m not pregnant but I’m wondering if it could possibly be bulimia. Please help!!!
I eat a normal amount of food. I don’t overeat but sometimes i undereat so I don’t feel the need to throw up. I have made myself throw up but it also comes naturally.

Answer by Dani
go see your doctor, it could be something to do with the acid in your stomach? or an ulcer? or a cyst? go see a doctor!!

Answer by JoBob1
Bulimia doesnt have symptoms unless you are already bulimic.

Answer by Adam D
My advice?
Go to a doctor and ask him ASAP
your not gonna get a definate answer from here except what i just said.
A porfessional will now the cause and cure (if one is needed)

Answer by Damonkster56
Eat good food.

I heard that eating raw meat isn’t good for you.


Answer by Bryan R
well i do to but sometimes it maybe that you have just ate to much every once in a while if i feel i have aten to much i dont try to fight it if i feel like barfing i just go but its always safer to go to the hospital

Answer by Miriam H
Bulimia is a psychological disorder as well as a medical one, but the thing with bulimia is that you throw up on purpose. Are you doing this?

Well let me ask you a few questions:

Are you feeling nauseous with all food or some in general? Do you have gas problems? Could it be that your stomach just is sensitive to some spices? These are a few things to consider talking to your doctor about. If you don’t feel like you are eating properly because of this then you could be not getting the adequate nutrition that you need.

Trust me I am no doctor, but these are the things I think of when I read a question like this.

Answer by SUSAN M
Any problems with abdominal pain or pain up into chest and back with eating high fat foods? Could be gallbladder issues. My gallbladder attack felt like a 300# person sitting on top of me. I also had been having nausea with eating almost anything. I had mine removed and felt better the next day. Go see your Dr asap.

Answer by Jadleee
its def. not bulima it’s not like the stomach flu or something.
it’s a state of mind.

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