Why am I always getting huge headaches along with nauseous feeling?

nauseous feeling

Why am I always getting huge headaches along with nauseous feeling?
Almost every day, I get HUGE headaches that make it hurt for me to do anything, walk, stand, sit, even lay down. I normally feel sick but always feel drowsy when I get them, it is impossible for me to sleep since it hurts so much. how can I stop having them and make them go away? any noise at all makes them about 10 times worse. please help!

Answer by Genesis
Theyre called migraines AND THEY SUCK. Go to the doctor and they will give you something that makes them go away, it is better to have a prescription cause your doctor will know how much you need, like if you go get something yourself you might get something that isnt powerful enough.

Oh and if you dont have money to go see a doctor, buy Excedrin for migraines. That works for everyone :)

Answer by Jen
You need to make a doctor appointment as you could be suffering from migraine headaches. Most of the time they run in your family but there are some cases that don’t, or are so far down the line that you don’t know. I’m a 24 year old woman that has suffered with them for about 3years now. My great grandmother had them, my grandma, my mom, and my brother. They are most common in woman but men can be affected to. I have a headache everyday but I control them by taking excedrin migraine (over the counter). When it turns into a migraine I can’t eat, sleep, talk, be in a room with sound or lights. I get dizzie, sick to my stomache, and sometimes vomit. If your family doctors office offers walk ins it’s best to go when you have a bad headache as your doctor can shut off the lights and use a tool to look inside your eyes to see if you are a migraine sufferer. I know that its difficult to go sit in an office with lots of noise and lights while your in so much pain, but hopefully when you tell the receptionist why your there they will be like my doctors office and put you in a room right away where they can shut off the lights, you can lay down and have silence until your doctor comes in. This is what I did. I’m not sure what they do to determine if you have migraines if you don’t go in while you have a headache. If you do have migraines your doctor will prescribe you a prescription that will help control your headaches. When I have a migraine I take zomig which stops my brain from swelling and blocks my pain sensors so that I get relief. I wish the best for you and pray for you that you are not a migraine sufferer. Best of luck… Make an appointment don’t wait they only get worse.

nauseous feeling: Why am I always getting huge headaches along with nauseous feeling?

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  1. Try multivitamins i had a horrible head ache i wanted to rip my head off it hurt so much. but it was a vitamin deficiency. Iron to be exact try taking one a day. Works for me.

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