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What are some ways to relieve dizziness, heaviness and a general sinking feeling?
I am not sure what is wrong with me, but I have a doctors appointment coming up in a week or two. In the mean time, what can I do to relieve my symptoms. I get very heavy feeling, dizzy with a general sinking feeling throughout the day. Especially in bright light and hallways.

Answer by Kayla
lie down put a cold rag on your head and drink lots of water

Answer by Lil
I experience those things as well when I don’t go through my daily routine correctly. Make sure you sleep enough- about 7 to 8 hours a night, and make sure you eat enough at all 3 meals. Drink a lot of ice water- from experience, that really clears the head. Good luck with the appointment!

Answer by ffrosted_fflakes
i am no doctor but it seems like the blood is dropping from your head periodically. most of the time when i get up i get really dizzy..and wanna drop but i dont. i beleive its because the blood is dropping from my head, then i would get a headache because the blood would rush back up and put pressure on my brain. if your getting them throughout the day randomly i cant help you. but if you only get them when you stand up then stand up wayy slower. but for the mean time avoid hallways and bright light as much as possible. maybe wear sunglasses?

Answer by keylimebunny
It could be your inner ear, which is what helps control your balance, and is usually responsible for motion sickness. It sounds like you’re feeling something that feels like carsickness or airsickness, so I would suggest the over-the-counter drug Dramamine. It helps alleviate the feelings of motion sickness, even if the cause isn’t from being in a car or airplane.

dizziness feeling: What are some ways to relieve dizziness, heaviness and a general sinking feeling?

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