Very tired, super itchy stomach and breasts, and a little nausea?

Very tired, super itchy stomach and breasts, and a little nausea?
I recently went on a week long vacation to visit family without my partner and we both double checked that i remembered my birth control patch before I left, long story short i couldn’t find the patch on my patch change day (anywhere!) and was without my birth control for the whole week, after not seeing each other for the week we jumped in bed and had s3x the night I came home, i put on a new patch a few days later and forgot about it for a couple days, my patch fell off 3 days later and i put a new patch on but was without one for most of that day as well since i was not home. I now have itchy breasts and stomach and am absolutely exhausted which is not at all like me, This morning when I woke up I felt almost like I had a hangover, a small headache and nausea, and I don’t drink except on the rare occasion (not last night) I took a pregnancy test and it was negative but the days i could have conceived would have been 10 days or less ago and i am not due for a period for at least a week. I felt cramping about 6 or 7 days ago like I was going to get a period but then it went away. Could I be pregnant and just not be far enough along to get a positive test or do you think I am not? I would be okay with either but it just dawned on me today that I could be. Anyone have these symptoms about a week and a half after conception?? Also when should i test again, and what tests work best?

Answer by J G
That is a bit too soon to be having those kind of symptoms from pregnancy. It is more likely that they are just from the hormone fluctuations you put yourself through coming off and going back on the patch. You have to realize, you came off the patch for a week, which is usually a signal to the body to have your period…..but it was too soon to effectively start a period so probably started you in that direction, but by the time you started to get the cramping, you were back on the patch, so that would have stopped it. Wouldn’t be to surprised if your next period is not normal. But one thing, you ARE NOT protected right now…..and you will not be on your off week and for a week after if you have not had a full 21 days of hormones before. It would be a good idea to use a condom from now until you are certain you are protected. I’m not sure how it works with the patch, but with pills, if you were to miss a week, it would be like you were never on them, and you should start over with a new pack and go through a whole cycle before having a break week, otherwise you are not protected. Read the instructions that come with the patch to find out how you should be handleing missing a week.

However, if you continue to feel like that, would be a good idea to take another test. All those symptoms could be pregnancy symptoms. I know headache,l fatigue and sore breasts where my early symptoms….but started about a month after I conceived.

But read the possible side effects you can have with the patch. For the most part all hormone birth control has side effects that mimic pregnancy because you are essentially tricking your body into thinking you are pregnant so that you do not ovulate. Ususally your body adjusts to them withing a few months, but going off and going back on could cause more side effects.

I would say if 10 days or less is the furthest back that you could have concived, what you are experiencing is from the patch, not being pregnant. However, you still could be pregnant.

Answer by ana
when i get pregnant i always get symptoms as early as three weeks after conception and i always get those exact same symptoms first i feel really tired and sleepy then the nausea comes all day, you should do a pregnancy test 3 days after you miss your period its to early for the test to detect the pregnancy hormone.

Answer by Susie
Sometimes you get menstrual cramps when you are pregnant in the beginning because your uterus is stretching. If you did not wear the patch for the entire week and then had one fall off you may very well be pregnant. However; you should wait until you are a couple of days late for your cycle before you begin to worry. You could just be having hormone changes from missing the patch. For me (and each woman is different) my breasts were very sore, that is always my first sign that I am pregnant and I have three children so its a good indicator. As for the headache and nausea, yep that could be a sign too. But you could have taken the test to early. Wait to see if you are late and take another.

nausea tired: Very tired, super itchy stomach and breasts, and a little nausea?

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