What’s wrong with me?

Jun 16
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What’s wrong with me?
For the past 3 days I have the constant urge to puke, I feel light-headed and nauseas. I also have tummy cramps and I feel extremely tired!!!
I have no idea what’s wrong with me and I can’t even ask my mom because she just doesn’t care. I’ve done research and it says ‘pregnancy’ but that’s definitely not the case because I’m a virgin. So what could be wrong with me???
Oh and btw, my period is supposed to arrive next week, if that helps

Answer by visal k
puke is a nausea and it is not the indication of pregnancy that to for a virgin girl like you. It is nothing but a simple indication of indigestion use the alkaline foods, and yoghurt with a large quantity of water say 8 to 10 glass of water per day, all nausea or vomit symptoms shall disappear.

Answer by Vicky Parker
Sounds like the flu to me.

Answer by Lili
tell your mom you little shit, there might be something wrong with you >:o
go to doctor now! before something happens!
wait..you might be anemic, from lack of sleep or too much concentration :o but crumps? you might be on your period :) i feel like that too whenever im near on my time of the month, And i always faint. yup. faint.

nausea tired: What’s wrong with me?


What is wrong with me?

Jun 11
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What is wrong with me?
I turned 15 last month.

Lately i’ve been getting really angry.Like when my mom calls out to me to do something i’ll swear or go completely insane at her.

I no longer go to school, I finished last year on my first year of high school because i don’t focus.Last year I was put in a disabled class because I don’t concentrate on my work. In a normal class i’d do my work but after 5sec i’d start skipping pages and getting frustrated.

I don’t know whats wrong with me, I’ve never been like this.I mean i get really angry at nothing. Could it be like a metal illness?.

I’m really good at computers, I got my certificate last month and get my degree in 3 years.
I’ve always thought it was ADHD.

No problems at home/school.

Answer by backofmeyer=]<3
go to therapy,

Answer by Kelli O
could be a clinical disorder, go see a professional.

Answer by Anna Nonamous
It sounds like ADHD. There are meds that will help, plus learning what it is might help you control it. Maybe you should talk to some professionals (soon) so that it dosent become to much of an obstacal. This is a critical age for you, you dont want to lose to much time to this. Tell someone how youve been feeling lately. Theyll understand.

Answer by timelady
You should definitely see someone. Many adolescents go through mental and emotional changes during adolescence and I think its a combination of stress, uncertainty about the future and hormones. Hormones play havoc on your mental state and they are in constant fluctuation at your age. Also, it is a time when some disorders start to show themselves. You could be suffering from a number of things….ADD, anxiety disorder, depression, or a combination of two things. Don’t just put up with it. Ask your parents to take you to a psychiatrist and a neurologist and get a complete workup from both specialties. The neurologist will make sure its nothing physical and the psychiatrist will help you with the symptoms. I know it sounds like a lot, but its better than putting up with a disorder for years.

Answer by Cupid
Somethin’ is really botherin’ you, which makes your mind focus only on that incident.. Ask yourself… ask your conscience Why??? You would realise that it would only do her more harm if you were to think about it…
Juz move on with life… Be strong and try to be independent, but never disobey ur parents… They are the only persons on earth who you can completely trust…….
My best wishes for ur future life…..

Answer by Kyasarin
Your anger could be normal teenage hormones. Or, as suggested, it could be frustration at a possible Attention Deficit Disorder. Instead of screaming at your Mum talk to her about your concerns and suggest you might like to see a doctor. This can give you a better idea if you need treatment or if it is just a phase. Good luck.

Answer by skayy2
It could be ADHD, but I think its something else. ADHD is overdiagnosed, and im not sure it really exists….

Maybe its bipolar disorder, or you have another underlying mental illness that is causing you all that trouble.

This is from wikipedia:

Inattention and “hyperactive” behavior are not the only problems with children with ADHD. ADHD exists alone in only about 1/3 of the children diagnosed with it. Many of these co-existing conditions require other courses of treatment and should be diagnosed separately instead of being grouped in the ADHD diagnosis. Some of the associated conditions are:

Oppositional defiant disorder (35%) and Conduct disorder (26%). These are both characterized by anti-social behaviors such as aggression, frequent temper tantrums, deceitfulness, lying, or stealing

Primary disorder of vigilance. Characterized by poor attention and concentration, as well as difficulties staying awake. These children tend to fidget, yawn and stretch, and appear to be hyperactive in order to remain alert and active.

Bipolar disorder. As many as 25% of children with ADHD have bipolar disorder. Children with this combination may demonstrate more aggression and behavioral problems than those with ADHD alone.

Anxiety Disorders. Commonly accompany ADHD, particularly Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. OCD is believed to share a genetic component with ADHD, and shares many of its characteristics.[18]

Since you have outbursts of anger, I would guess that its bipolarity. As you read in the first paragraph above from wikipedia, only ONE THIRD of people diagnosed with ADHD actually have it. And the possibilities listed below are what ADHD usually gets confused with. So I would encourage you to not just accept it if a phyciatrist (you should ask your mom to make an appt) tells you its ADHD. Tell him what you know about it–what i posted above–because you dont wanna be on the wrong meds.

So ask you mom to get you an appointment and explain to her how you feel.


EDIT –in response to the next response. =]
I dont think its hormones, I hate when people use that excuse. Im 14, and when people tell me my derealization and blahblah is hormones i get soo annoyed. =] because i, like you, know when something is off. I dont think that not being able to concentrate as much as you are is hormones.
And its not PMS unless youre on your period, so…

annndddd it has been scientifically proven that most of the vitamin in the vitamin supplements comes out your other end. they dont help. Here are two more articles that put up more ineresting facts about vitamin supplements.



Answer by blue_bipo2
There could be many reasons for your outburst.

You know, not to sound like a broken record but, it might be hormonal. You just turned 15 and I think you might be experiencing PMS. I added a web site desciving all the symptoms of PMS, you might be supprised at how mutch it affects many things in the body and mind(Anger, irritability, inability to concentrate, etc.) I really think you should take a look at that site, it might explain allot and they give great advice.

Also, I remember when I was about your age, I argued often with my parents, especially my mother (because she was the one I was the closest to) and I wanted to “forge my own indentity”, make my own choices and be independ…all these things are stressfull. It a “ruff” patch of life but, you’ll get through it. Don’t give up and I strongly suggest you go back to school (at least get your high school diploma cause so many “doors” will be “shut in your face” when applying for a job (later on), if you don’t have your high school diploma.)

I would definetaly not “jump” on the mental illness “wagon”…Too many people think that being diagnosed with a mental illness will solve their problems. But, take it from me (I suffer from bipolar type 2 and anxiety) and you get confronted by tons of ignorant people that label you and you end up loosing allot of credibility (and friends…). People look at you differently and assume the worst.

Plus, the medication you have to take has tons of unpleasant side effects like: insomnia, lightheadedness, headache, fatigue/tiredness, irritability, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea/or constipation, dry mouth, weight loss, decreased appetite, sweating, blurred vision, rapid beating of the hearth/palpitations, depression, confusion, tremors, sensations of “inner” restlessness (ranging from anxiety to inability to lie or sit quietly or to sleep.), low blood pressure, skin rashes, nasal congestion. etc…need I go on more!?

Many vitamins and supplements can help you out (and don’t create these horrible side effects). For instance, Omega 3 FISH OILS helps for emotionnal balancing and well being (and PMS)…(Not the Omega 3 from the flax seed oil or evening primrose.That kind helps with inflamation and skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.) You can get Omega 3 (fish oils) in salmond, sardines, mackeral, herring…But if you can’t digest fish easely (like me), go for the supplements. Vitamin B12 will help to deal with anxiety/stress. (research has shown that stress “eats out” the vitamin B12 from our system…) It is better to take these vitamins in supplement, unless you like eating liver…Also, Zinc is sometimes related to low levels of energy and fatigue. Get your doctor to see where you have deficiencies. If you are low in zinc, you can find it in sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

All the “supplements” I’ve listed above come in “capsules” and can be found in any pharmacy. But some brand names are better than others so, ask your pharmacist to indicate to you the best ones. Many of these and other supplements have been recognized as playing a critical role in the brain and nervous system. And it is always recommended to consult your doctor before adding supplements to your regimen.

Another thing that can help you out, is using breathing techniques to “cool you down” when you feel angry or stressed. The breathing “exercises” is pretty simple. As you lay in bed, put one or both hands on your “tummy”, take in a slow deep breath from your nose (filling not only your lungs but also your “tummy” completely), hold it for a few seconds, then completely exhale slowly (like through a straw) from your mouth. You can also count every breath you inhale and exhale. Repeat this exercises a few times and you will feel the anger/stress slowly diminish.

Positive thinking is also really helfull. The power of our “unconscious suggestions” is greatly underated. I do my breathing exercices every night before falling asleep and, as I’m doing them I tell myself : I am calm, I am relaxed, I am in control, I am motivated, I am healthy, I am happy and I am courageous. Soudns silly I know, but your brain will register those thaughts and sure enough you will start to see an improvement. I also added a web site below explain more in details how positive thinking works.

I hope my answer helped you,

Good luck;)

nausea tiredness: What is wrong with me?


whats wrong with me?

Jun 7
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nausea tired

whats wrong with me?
I have had a nausea feeling all day and my head hurts and when i get up am i real light headed and i am tired like i normaly dont take a nap during the day but i did today what is this and do i need to go to the doctor

Answer by Granny
I would say the doctor is a real good bet,

Answer by Belial
except for the nausea part, I’d say it sounds like low blood pressure. or possibly dehydration, but more so the former. Stay hydrated, eat salt (salt raises your blood pressure).
you should consult a dr though.

Answer by Ashley
Hm…well…being tired a lot is a possible sign of Mono. If you think that you do have mono you may notice a lot of swollen lymph nodes appearing around your neck area, or even around your eyes. I would suggest seeing a doctor for further evaluation.

Answer by MAMAb
You sure you’re not pregnant?

Answer by oregonsquatch69
could be a number of things. go to the doc. he can tell you more.

Answer by osu2720@sbcglobal.net
well, on one hand you could be pregnant, I had killer headaches for about 5 months, or you could either have high blood pressure or low blood sugar but the best bet is with your family doctor, good luck and feel better.

Answer by Colleen O
are you sexually active? I suggest seeing your doctor.

nausea tired: whats wrong with me?


I hv not vomit in years and today at 3am, I vomit. What is wrong?

May 28
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I hv not vomit in years and today at 3am, I vomit. What is wrong?
I’m 21. the last time i ever vomit is probably when i was 13. i always wonder what its like to vomit because i haven’t had it in a long time. every time i feel like vomiting, something push it back in,

Today, i had breakfast, tea break and dinner. Before i sleep, i felt a little nauseous. at 2 am, i woke up a feel like vomiting, after burping, i went to sleep again and exactly 3am, i woke up and puke all over my room and i ran to the bathroom but i am still vomiting everything i ate today. i haven’t had this for years. i don’t know what to do.Should I be concerned?

ps: i don’t drink alcohol and i don’t feel sick after vomiting

Answer by JS 14
you probably just have the stomach flu…

Answer by M.B.
You might have a stomach flu or food poisoning.

The most important thing is that you stay hydrated. Try to take small amounts of fluids, like gingerale, water, gatorade, jello, chicken broth. See if you can keep those down.

If those are ok, then try some dry toast or plain crackers.

If you cannot keep anything down at all, I’d look into seeing a doctor tomorrow.

Answer by bibus75
Nausea and vomiting are symptoms of an underlying disease and not a specific illness. Nausea is the sensation that the stomach wants to empty itself, while vomiting (emesis) or throwing up, is the act of forcible emptying of the stomach.
The timing of the nausea or vomiting can indicate the cause. When appearing shortly after a meal, nausea or vomiting may be caused by food poisoning, gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), an ulcer, or bulimia. Nausea or vomiting one to eight hours after a meal may also indicate food poisoning. However, certain food borne bacteria, such as salmonella, can take longer to produce symptoms.
Adults should consult a doctor if vomiting occurs for more than one day, diarrhea and vomiting last more than 24 hours, or there are signs of moderate dehydration.

vomiting feeling: I hv not vomit in years and today at 3am, I vomit. What is wrong?


nausea for a week don’t know what is wrong?

May 26
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nausea for a week don’t know what is wrong?
had unprotected intercourse on the 5 i started getting sick like 30 40 minutes after had my period on 14-16 i went to my doctor today and he gave me some nausea medication and to take it for a week then i go back next week i told my doctor that everything i eat or drink makes me sick and for like the last 3-5 days i have a pounding headache what could be wrong with me please help me i was eating healthy diet before all of this started by the way i am 22 female for the past like 3- 5 days it has been hard for me to swallow anything and my throat hurts to please help me , the medications that i currently take are ( morning medication zoloft 25 mg ompozole 20 mg ) ( night time medication seroquel 100 mg) my doctor thinks i am pregnant but i took a pregnancy test on sunday and it came back negative please help need answers as to why i dont feel good

Answer by ***MARIANA***
get test again and then go to the doctor to make sure you are “pregnant”.

Answer by Nicole
Ompozole has nausea listed as a side efftect, zoloft also has nausea listed as a side effect. Seroquel has nausea also listed as a side effect, so it may be all of thoes meds. Since you have a headache and sorethroat you may have strep.

nausea headaches: nausea for a week don’t know what is wrong?


Whats wrong with me? frequent urination amongst other symptoms….?

May 25
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Whats wrong with me? frequent urination amongst other symptoms….?
Hi everyone.

Over the last week or so I have had some unusual symptoms. This includes;

Pins and needles in my feet
Frequent urination – ( I mean, in some cases, going to the loo and 10 mins later going again, with my urination being the colour of pure water!! )
Terrible wind (sorry for tmi)
Very tired all the time
Delayed if not skipped period (due yesterday / today and no show)
Cramps in stomach (not period cramps though)
Very hungry all the time

Pregnancy is an option but very unlikely. I have been using champix (quit smoking aid) until around 9 days ago, I only used them for 10 days though. So maybe this is why my period is late? I quit smoking 9 days ago as well, however I have quit a few times and never had these random symptoms.

Any ideas? Thanks
tiredness, headaches and mood swings yes. None of others though. No increased thirst that I have noticed. Why now though? im 18 y old female, healthy. Why would i suddenly get diabetes now? and ive been having dizzy spells, i.e nearly blacking out when standing up. Is this related?
I’ve been having periods for 5 years now and no disrespect to you i would not be posting on here if this was the norm. My general pms is usually achy breasts, cramps, and mood swings. It has never in the 5 years affected my urination patterns nor have I had headaches or dizziness. I will go see a doc at some point as I no something is up.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Answer by Morphine
These are symptoms of diabetes or it could probably just be PMS .

How old are you?
Do you have increased thirst?

Do you have any other symptoms? nausea, headaches, dizziness, vision problems, tiredness, weight changes, mood swings?

A 1 day delay of your period is not really a problem.

EDIT: diabetes can be diagnosed at any age, usually at a very young age if it’s type 1.

I think it’s probably PMS. The symptoms you mentioned can ALL happen in PMS: gas, hunger, mood swings, tiredness, cramps, abdominal pain, frequent urination, numbness and tingling…

If the symptoms don’t stop after you have your period, I suggest you go see a doctor.

nausea tiredness: Whats wrong with me? frequent urination amongst other symptoms….?


Please help me…I dont know whats wrong and Im scared?….?

May 14
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nausea tired

Please help me…I dont know whats wrong and Im scared?….?
So I havent had my period since April and in April it was like my water broke first then the blood came. It felt like I peed myself. I have been extremely hungry lately so much that I gained 15 pounds. Im always tired no matter how much sleep I get. I have been having nausea and stomach cramps but only once in a blue moon. Im NOT pregnant there is no possible way either. I went to the doctor in August they put me on a pill to jump start my period but it still didnt start. Any idea to whats wron with me? Im sorry its long but I need help :( thanks
And I pee like a lot like 5 times a day! Im always in the bathroom:(

Answer by Daniel Z
The tiredness, nausea and cramps, are all due to hormonal imbalances in your body, which can occur due to poly-cystic ovary syndrome…

nausea tired: Please help me…I dont know whats wrong and Im scared?….?


Horrible Nausea For 3 weeks, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, What is wrong?!!?!?!?!!?

Apr 17
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Horrible Nausea For 3 weeks, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, What is wrong?!!?!?!?!!?
So About Three weeks ago I started Feeling this really bad Nausea, But I just had figured maybe I ate something that my body didnt agree with. So a few more days go by and still have this constant Nauseating feeling, Its so bad to the point where i cant even eat a full meal without the feeling of throwing up. Then I started getting this pain in my middle back, so after about a week and a half of this happening I finally said screw it and went to the Emergency Room. they took my blood pressure and took many different x-rays of my stomach and abdomines. after about an hour they said that there was nothing major wrong and perscribed me with HyoScyamine, to help with cramps etc. but its been about 4 days since then and I feel even worse, yesterday I had to leave school early because i felt really dizzy like i was about to pass out, and of course horrible nausea. and Now I woke up this morning again with horrible nausea, dizziness. What Is Wrong?!?!?!! I really need help please I dont know what to do anymore!!! i cant even leave the house without the feeling of having to throw up!!! D: Also btw Im a guy so I know for a fact im not pregnant LOL.

Answer by Random
It could possibly be anxiety and you are having anxiety attacks from certain things. Are you stressed about anything particular? Think about it and see. You could also go back to the ER and tell them that since you’ve been taking the medication that they’ve prescribed for you, the cramps / nausea / dizziness has gotten even worse. If they fail to do anything then maybe it’s time to see your family doctor and get a referral to a gastroenterologist, it is a doctor that does treatment of the digestive system. You could very well have a parasite that is making you feel this way as well. For two months I had a parasite and no doctors knew about it until I went to see the gastro. doctor. He then prescribed me some medicine and it went away within a week, so I think that would be the most effective thing to do.
Maybe if you could list all of your symptoms (anything you feel while these spells of nausea are happening) it will help me be able to give you more advice on what to do.
One last thing, what is your diet like? If you don’t have a healthy and steady diet with plenty of fluids your body can hurt, that’s telling you that you need to eat healthier. No fast food or anything greasy, try fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, etc and nothing too heavy for the next week and drink plenty of water, maybe go for a small walk or run everyday to help get your digestive system moving too.

I sincerely hope you feel better!

Answer by Mc Fly
Odd symptoms, secondary to complaints of back pain I wonder when or if you are having regular bowel movements, or if you are drinking enough water. Constipation can really mess with your whole body as can dehydration. Any allergies, or nasal drainage. This can cause nausea and potencially pain if your are swallowing that nasal drainage. Either way go right back to the ER. Hope you feel better, good luck. please send me a quick E when you find out, I would like to know.

nausea eating: Horrible Nausea For 3 weeks, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, What is wrong?!!?!?!?!!?


Feeling tired 24/7 and vomits after eating sometimes what’s wrong with me?

Apr 8
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Feeling tired 24/7 and vomits after eating sometimes what’s wrong with me?
I’m a 17 year old female and ever since I could remember I’ve been able to take naps(I guess you could call it) in the afternoon no problem and still be able to get to sleep at 11 o’clock no problem but these naps were just to refresh myself not because I was tired or anything.

I eat normally and healthy. I’m pretty fit and not overweight.

However, quite recently, I’ve been becoming tired 24/7. I would sleep as soon as I got home from college and sleep for three hours straight without waking up and I’d go to bed at 12 o’clock but when I woke up in the morning to go to school I would be dead tired and want to sleep during class(I have fallen asleep a couple of times in class though) No matter what I do I’m always tired.

Lately for some reason, I’d be starving one second and decide to eat something, but after taking a couple of bites I would feel full and end up throwing up everything I had just eaten and feel totally fine after that and able to eat the rest of the food.

This next one might be something totally different from whatever is happening to me but a couple of days ago I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder and it ended up hurting so bad that I couldn’t move it and when I started talking to my sister about it a few seconds later I went completely deaf and I couldn’t hear anything, soon afterwards I lost my vision(everything went blurry and I couldn’t see) and then finally I almost fainted. After about two or three minutes later everything returned back to normal and I was totally fine.

If you know anything about any of this I’d appreciate it because I’m thinking there might be something wrong with me.
I am completely positive that I am not pregnant for I have never had sex before but thank you for your answer.

Answer by Brittany
well im no doctor so dont take everything completely serious from me cuz o could be wrong. Wekll there could be many things wrong with you actually. You could have fatigue, be pregnant, some type of problem mentally or nerves can be messed up somewher. It sound like you are pregnant thoug because most of that stuff happened to me. Being pregnant can have all of those effects so i suggest you check up with your doctor.

Answer by Agnodice
You need to see your doctor to have this appropriately evaluated. Diabetes can produce fatigue and sometimes nausea. Anemia and underactive thyroid are common causes of fatigue. Infections like mononucleosis can lead to fatigue. These can all be evaluated by simple blood work. Good luck.

nausea tired: Feeling tired 24/7 and vomits after eating sometimes what’s wrong with me?


What’s wrong with ritalin?

Apr 1
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What’s wrong with ritalin?
This is an excerpt I picked from :http://www.davincimethod.com/adult-add-adhd.html

‘How substances affect your mind differently than other people. What substances will help people with ADHD and what substances will ruin them. Hint: Ritalin can make things a lot worse for someone with ADHD – we’ll tell you why.’


Answer by Jackie
Are you asking a question?

Answer by courtneygrin
nothing is wrong with it if your doctor gave you a prescription and you take it the way he has directed. There are tons of people that abuse it…meaning that take it just to take it…not because they need it. Many people benefit from taking stimulates…and its sad that the medicine that has helped so many has been given such a stigma.

Answer by dnbfan
The most common side effects of Ritalin are upset stomch, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, mood swings, and slowed growth. None of these are guaranteed however. One has to weigh up the positive effect it has on attention and reduction of hyperactive/impulsive behaviour, and its side effects, which in most cases will be mild.

There are lots of people opposed to ADHD medication (and all medications for that matter) – most often because of the potential for abuse and the way the drug is marketed. Some people are also upset by the way pharmaceutical companies sponsor support groups for parent of children with ADHD. These are not an inherent faults with the drug however, just the people who sell and (sometimes) use it.

Answer by nursesr4evr
The biggest problem I’ve seen with it is that teachers prescribe it. A kid acts up in class and the teacher says he has ADD or ADHD. If a teacher says to get your kid on drugs, tell her you will have your child checked. Do not automatically ask the doctor for drugs.

Answer by reesegirl_05
i have ADHD and i took ritalin and i did not like the affect it had on me it made me fill druged out of my mind and i still had trouble concentrating on school work.

nausea tiredness: What’s wrong with ritalin?