Horrible Nausea For 3 weeks, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, What is wrong?!!?!?!?!!?

Apr 17
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Horrible Nausea For 3 weeks, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, What is wrong?!!?!?!?!!?
So About Three weeks ago I started Feeling this really bad Nausea, But I just had figured maybe I ate something that my body didnt agree with. So a few more days go by and still have this constant Nauseating feeling, Its so bad to the point where i cant even eat a full meal without the feeling of throwing up. Then I started getting this pain in my middle back, so after about a week and a half of this happening I finally said screw it and went to the Emergency Room. they took my blood pressure and took many different x-rays of my stomach and abdomines. after about an hour they said that there was nothing major wrong and perscribed me with HyoScyamine, to help with cramps etc. but its been about 4 days since then and I feel even worse, yesterday I had to leave school early because i felt really dizzy like i was about to pass out, and of course horrible nausea. and Now I woke up this morning again with horrible nausea, dizziness. What Is Wrong?!?!?!! I really need help please I dont know what to do anymore!!! i cant even leave the house without the feeling of having to throw up!!! D: Also btw Im a guy so I know for a fact im not pregnant LOL.

Answer by Random
It could possibly be anxiety and you are having anxiety attacks from certain things. Are you stressed about anything particular? Think about it and see. You could also go back to the ER and tell them that since you’ve been taking the medication that they’ve prescribed for you, the cramps / nausea / dizziness has gotten even worse. If they fail to do anything then maybe it’s time to see your family doctor and get a referral to a gastroenterologist, it is a doctor that does treatment of the digestive system. You could very well have a parasite that is making you feel this way as well. For two months I had a parasite and no doctors knew about it until I went to see the gastro. doctor. He then prescribed me some medicine and it went away within a week, so I think that would be the most effective thing to do.
Maybe if you could list all of your symptoms (anything you feel while these spells of nausea are happening) it will help me be able to give you more advice on what to do.
One last thing, what is your diet like? If you don’t have a healthy and steady diet with plenty of fluids your body can hurt, that’s telling you that you need to eat healthier. No fast food or anything greasy, try fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, etc and nothing too heavy for the next week and drink plenty of water, maybe go for a small walk or run everyday to help get your digestive system moving too.

I sincerely hope you feel better!

Answer by Mc Fly
Odd symptoms, secondary to complaints of back pain I wonder when or if you are having regular bowel movements, or if you are drinking enough water. Constipation can really mess with your whole body as can dehydration. Any allergies, or nasal drainage. This can cause nausea and potencially pain if your are swallowing that nasal drainage. Either way go right back to the ER. Hope you feel better, good luck. please send me a quick E when you find out, I would like to know.

nausea eating: Horrible Nausea For 3 weeks, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, What is wrong?!!?!?!?!!?


Feeling tired 24/7 and vomits after eating sometimes what’s wrong with me?

Apr 8
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Feeling tired 24/7 and vomits after eating sometimes what’s wrong with me?
I’m a 17 year old female and ever since I could remember I’ve been able to take naps(I guess you could call it) in the afternoon no problem and still be able to get to sleep at 11 o’clock no problem but these naps were just to refresh myself not because I was tired or anything.

I eat normally and healthy. I’m pretty fit and not overweight.

However, quite recently, I’ve been becoming tired 24/7. I would sleep as soon as I got home from college and sleep for three hours straight without waking up and I’d go to bed at 12 o’clock but when I woke up in the morning to go to school I would be dead tired and want to sleep during class(I have fallen asleep a couple of times in class though) No matter what I do I’m always tired.

Lately for some reason, I’d be starving one second and decide to eat something, but after taking a couple of bites I would feel full and end up throwing up everything I had just eaten and feel totally fine after that and able to eat the rest of the food.

This next one might be something totally different from whatever is happening to me but a couple of days ago I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder and it ended up hurting so bad that I couldn’t move it and when I started talking to my sister about it a few seconds later I went completely deaf and I couldn’t hear anything, soon afterwards I lost my vision(everything went blurry and I couldn’t see) and then finally I almost fainted. After about two or three minutes later everything returned back to normal and I was totally fine.

If you know anything about any of this I’d appreciate it because I’m thinking there might be something wrong with me.
I am completely positive that I am not pregnant for I have never had sex before but thank you for your answer.

Answer by Brittany
well im no doctor so dont take everything completely serious from me cuz o could be wrong. Wekll there could be many things wrong with you actually. You could have fatigue, be pregnant, some type of problem mentally or nerves can be messed up somewher. It sound like you are pregnant thoug because most of that stuff happened to me. Being pregnant can have all of those effects so i suggest you check up with your doctor.

Answer by Agnodice
You need to see your doctor to have this appropriately evaluated. Diabetes can produce fatigue and sometimes nausea. Anemia and underactive thyroid are common causes of fatigue. Infections like mononucleosis can lead to fatigue. These can all be evaluated by simple blood work. Good luck.

nausea tired: Feeling tired 24/7 and vomits after eating sometimes what’s wrong with me?


What’s wrong with ritalin?

Apr 1
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What’s wrong with ritalin?
This is an excerpt I picked from :http://www.davincimethod.com/adult-add-adhd.html

‘How substances affect your mind differently than other people. What substances will help people with ADHD and what substances will ruin them. Hint: Ritalin can make things a lot worse for someone with ADHD – we’ll tell you why.’


Answer by Jackie
Are you asking a question?

Answer by courtneygrin
nothing is wrong with it if your doctor gave you a prescription and you take it the way he has directed. There are tons of people that abuse it…meaning that take it just to take it…not because they need it. Many people benefit from taking stimulates…and its sad that the medicine that has helped so many has been given such a stigma.

Answer by dnbfan
The most common side effects of Ritalin are upset stomch, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, mood swings, and slowed growth. None of these are guaranteed however. One has to weigh up the positive effect it has on attention and reduction of hyperactive/impulsive behaviour, and its side effects, which in most cases will be mild.

There are lots of people opposed to ADHD medication (and all medications for that matter) – most often because of the potential for abuse and the way the drug is marketed. Some people are also upset by the way pharmaceutical companies sponsor support groups for parent of children with ADHD. These are not an inherent faults with the drug however, just the people who sell and (sometimes) use it.

Answer by nursesr4evr
The biggest problem I’ve seen with it is that teachers prescribe it. A kid acts up in class and the teacher says he has ADD or ADHD. If a teacher says to get your kid on drugs, tell her you will have your child checked. Do not automatically ask the doctor for drugs.

Answer by reesegirl_05
i have ADHD and i took ritalin and i did not like the affect it had on me it made me fill druged out of my mind and i still had trouble concentrating on school work.

nausea tiredness: What’s wrong with ritalin?


severe nausea for the past month whats wrong with me please help?

Mar 27
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severe nausea for the past month whats wrong with me please help?
i have had severe nausea for the past month and have been seeing a doctor at first we swore i was pregnant because my period was three weeks late but 3 blood tests show im not, now ive been getting kind of dizzy and i still havent gotten a normal period i just spot in the morning and often have a brown discharge, eating doesnt help or make my nausea worse i just feel nauseas all the time my doctor did blood work that came out fine they also checked my gall bladder that was fine and they checked my overies which was fine, and recently they did a ct on my head, idk why they did that but that was also fine im so sick of dealing with this i just want to cry i have a one in a half year old and i cant play with him because i feel like puking all the time. i also keep getting muscle twitches in my knee alot lately idk if that has anything to do with this but that is something that has also been going on as well as random pains throughout my stomach area someone please help me

Answer by Clancie C
random pains in your stomach area and nausea combined sounds like ulcers. i have chronic ulcers, so i know the feeling. have you noticed any pain in your lower back, in the same area as the pain in your stomach? if it lines up almost perfect, it’s most likely an ulcer. it feels like there’s a small animal in your stomach and it’s trying to eat its way out. gross. but that’s the only way to discribe it. also the spotting and brown discharge could be linked to your ulcers. how?
under stress, the tissue of your uterin wall gets thin. causing the menstrual blood to become oxygenized. if you notice when you get blood on your blouse, or a tissue from a bloody nose, after around 30 minutes it turns brown. the same thing happens with your menstrual blood if your uterin walls are thin.
my advice is to do things to reduce anxiety and stress in your life. take a bubble bath once a week, drink a cup of mint or chamomile tea at night. your local drug store should cary a product called *Happy Camper. i love this product! it has st. johns wart and kava kava. both are roots known for their aid in relaxation. they grind them up and put them in an easy to swallow gel capsul. it’s an all natural suplement. great for pms also. you can also find them on amazon.com, i included the url for you.

also! the dizzyness could be due to the loss of blood in your stomach from the ulcer

nausea eating: severe nausea for the past month whats wrong with me please help?


what is wrong with me? i’ve been feeling like I need to vomit..?

Mar 26
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what is wrong with me? i’ve been feeling like I need to vomit..?
some days are good but some days r really bad. I’ve been feeling like this for over a week. it happened about 10 days ago? one night i felt extremely nauseous then had really bad headache and ended up throwing up and after i threw up i felt better and went to sleep, felt ok the next day. then yesterday had the same feeling and ended up vomiting then going to sleep. and today i feel sick and my head hurts.. :-( do i have a concussion? i dont remember hitting my head

Answer by paparazzizoo
Sounds to me like classic migraine headaches. Go to the doctor and get something to help.

Answer by CypKitty
I feel like that most of the time :( How about you go to the doctor and they can run some tests and tell you what’s wrong

vomiting feeling: what is wrong with me? i’ve been feeling like I need to vomit..?


What could be wrong with me?

Feb 28
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What could be wrong with me?
I don’t know if all of these things are related or not but, here’s what I’m feeling:

- fatigue (for quite a while)
- pain in the side of my elbow/joint (for a few weeks)
- random bad headaches / random nausea
- slight soreness in adomen after peeing

Oh and there is no way I’m pregnant :)
I forgot to mention that recently ive found a couple of random bruises on my legs that I don’t remember getting.

Answer by Donna
I’m not really sure- if it keeps up, you may want to see a doctor.

Try to make sure you are doing everything you can to be healthy. Eating fairly healthy- getting enough protein. Exercising and getting enough rest will help with the tiredness. Also, if you do see a doctor, you should ask them to test your iron. If it’s low, that would make you really tired.

Does the nausea seem to come with the headaches? Some people get migraines, and they can make you nauseous.

I’m not sure if the other symptoms are significant or not. A lot of people get bruises that they can’t remember- if you are really busy, you might not pay much attention to whatever caused it. The different sorenesses, I’m not sure. You could just have a mild flu.

But if it doesn’t seem to get better after a while, you may want to ask a doctor just to be sure.

nausea tired: What could be wrong with me?


I get nausea every single time after i eat sweets, even with half a melon!, whats wrong?

Feb 14
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I get nausea every single time after i eat sweets, even with half a melon!, whats wrong?
It happens every single time. I get to a point where my body wont allow me to continue eating sweets and then i get nausea. It started around a year ago with unnatural sugars first such as in cakes, cookies, smoothies, etc.. but now its with everythng, so fruits (as the case of the half a melon i had).

Right after i have sweets, i NEED to have something salty too. sometimes i flip flop,.. a bite of sweet with a bite of salty and so on.

If this helps,.. diabetes type 2 runs in both sides of my family (my father also has it). Also heart problems, and high blood pressure.

I made an appointment with the Doctor on wednesday for a blood test on diabetes. But i would like to know if there could be other things or if it could actually be diabetes.. i would like to know something now so that when i go to the doctor ill know what type of questions to ask.

Answer by …
Why haven’t you considered fructose intolerance ??

Answer by ricky85296
I would ask your dad to test your blood sugar level each morning for about a week. Perhaps give you one test in the afternoon, before dinner, and see if it is high about 2-4 hours after eating lunch.

Any reading over 300 is reason to see a doctor right away.

You also want to get a A1c test if your readings are over 200, or over 150 early in the morning before eating anything. The A1c test will indicate how high your blood sugars have been for the past 3 months. A reading over 8.5 will qualify you for your own blood sugar meter and medication. A reading lower than 5.5 is very good, but my guess is you will be over 7.5, and at least borderline diabetic.

You might want to read this book. Dr. Barnard’s Program For Reversing Diabetes.

Good Luck!

Answer by jenius
Glad you have an appointment soon. I just wanted to comment that 1/2 a melon is quite a big serving so if sugars are a problem watch serving sizes. Best of Luck.

nausea eating: I get nausea every single time after i eat sweets, even with half a melon!, whats wrong?


By the following symptoms , can you tell me whats wrong?

Feb 13
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By the following symptoms , can you tell me whats wrong?
For the last week and a half I have been experiencing Fatigue, Constipation, and nausea..but the nausea is usually only when I wake up until I eat, after I eat i usually goes away.

By these symptoms can anyone tell me what is wrong.
The fatigue is even after I have slept 13 hours. Or 10 hours.

Answer by maria43
Are you sexually active? If you so, you might be pregnant.

Answer by malica
Are you pregnant?

Answer by Colleen
are you under a lot of stress? that could cause these. cut down on your stress by taking short 20-30 minute power naps and taking 15 min/day out to exercise and get your heart pumping (it releases endorphins and gets rid of cortisol, the stress hormone!). do yoga, walk your dog, talk to a friend, do whatever works for you.
fatigue can happen if you sleep too much, too. oversleeping is another way to throw off your body’s natural sleep cycle.
as for the nausea…do you skip dinner/eat a late, heavy dinner and then go to bed/eat foods high in fat, grease, etc.? those could be causes.
and the constipation…drinks LOTS of water and eat foods high in fiber. if you’ve been constipated that long, it’s time to turn to laxatives, if you haven’t already. if you really don’t feel right and you’re living a healthy lifestyle, go talk to your doctor. no one on this site is going to be able to actually diagnose you, and a real doctor isn’t going to risk doing an online diagnosis–they could get in trouble. speaking of which, DISCLAIMER: i am not a doctor or other health professional. all advice i give is based upon personal experience and common sense. if you feel truly sick, if you symptoms continue for a long time, if they get worse, etc, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR.
feel better soon : )

Answer by Natasha
If you are sexually active then there is a possibility that you may be pregnant. If you know for sure your not pregnant but are still sexually active then you may have an STD that is showing early signs in it’s stages. If your not sexually active and have not had sex before, then you may be experiencing some symptoms of your period. Even if they have not happened before. If you’ve changed your diet or even a new medication it can affect you it the same way. Good luck.

nausea fatigue: By the following symptoms , can you tell me whats wrong?


anything wrong HElp HElp?

Feb 4
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anything wrong HElp HElp?
Neutrophils 34 L 45-75%
Lymphocytes 53 H 20-45%
Ferritin 192 H 10-105 ng/mL


rest of my blood result are normal

Answer by army mom
thats heavy

Answer by POOH
wow ,,,,, dude ,,,,,,,,, them numbers sound really bad dude ,, what r they??

Answer by Nitram
You really need to ask your doctor who arranged the tests, no-one here can do a diagnosis you didn’t even publish your full medical records.

Answer by ƦєdAиgєℓ
Low neutrophils and high lymphocytes are most usually seen with an infection. Ferritin levels higher than normal but under 400ng/ml indicates various conditions; most commonly an infection, inflammation or liver disease. These tests along with a positive Hepatitis B surface antibody test indicates recovery from a hepatitis B infection and the virus is no longer present. You may of had various symptoms of hepatitis B such as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, tiredness, abdominal pain, muscle and joint pain, jaundice. Depending on your immune response and the degree of infection, you may have not had any symptoms at all. Please check with your doctor to confirm this. Information to read through and other possible causes>>>




nausea tiredness: anything wrong HElp HElp?


what’s wrong with me? my body clock is off wack?

Jan 13
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nausea tiredness

what’s wrong with me? my body clock is off wack?
I had 8 hours of sleep yesterday but I was yawning all day. I got to bed at around 2am. (sleepliness didn’t hit me til then) and I woke up at 1:30am today. I’ve been having very slight nausea lately (couple of days, comes and goes) and a odd feeling in my stomach of being hungry but I wasn’t. Also feeling a little lightheaded.

Some information.. I am not pregnant (no sex) and I am 25 years old.

Answer by Aggie Hamleton
nothing really.. you’re probably just stressed!

Answer by Athena Cassidy
Well, people say that the hours you sleep through the morning don’t give you rest as do the ones that you sleep through night. The nausea and all that could be related to tiredness. Try going to bed earlier, it will be hard at first but when your body gets used to it it’s easy! If nothing improves, then try going to the doctor, that’s the best thing when in doubt.

nausea tiredness: what’s wrong with me? my body clock is off wack?