I have constant burping, nausea, upset stomach and a headache whats wrong?
every once in awhile i get a super upset stomach, have constant burping, nausea, and a headache, last time this happened i had green stool. I’m 14 and i have no clue whats going on.. but i cant fall asleep.. please help! what is causing these symptoms??

Answer by shelly92555
acid reflex disease or migraine headaches

Answer by Ler95

Answer by im a guy needs help
a virus probably . drink a little a water ever half hour .
look on google for what to do

Answer by FilmFreek
First off – i hope you’re feeling better when you read this. if not, please do as advised by me.

My guess is that you may have an episode of food poisoning. basically you ate/drank something that didn’t agree with you.

There are 2 things that always work for me when this happens:

1. Induce vomiting by sticking a toothbrush down your throat – so that you can puke out whatever is not agreeing with you. I typically do this over the toilet. I close my eyes when I do this coz i really don’t wanna see whats coming out. This might cause you some discomfort momentarily – but you’ll feel wayy better after.

2. have a little red wine (port wine – this wine is also called sweet wine). this will comfort your tummy. You could have about quarter of a glass i.e. a wine glass or the equivalent in a regular glass. When you have this – you’ll feel a warmth inside your tummy and a soothing feeling. You can have the red wine either cold (on ice) or at room temperature. If a quarter wine glass is not doing it for you – have a half glass.

constant nausea: I have constant burping, nausea, upset stomach and a headache whats wrong?