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I Nedd Help With My Preventing Injury Work Can Someone Help Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
1. A well-stocked first-aid kit should include which of the
following items?
A. A bottle of adult multivitamins
B. Sterile gauze in assorted sizes
C. A small knife to remove splinters
D. Injectable steroids
2. What kind of injury is an avulsion?
A. A scrape C. A tear
B. A bruise D. A fracture
3. When an emergency occurs, it’s important to
A. stay calm and keep all involved calm.
B. begin CPR immediately.
C. move injured individuals to a different location.
D. attempt first aid.
4. What should you look for when purchasing a pair of fitness shoes?
A. Insulated, nonporous material C. Stable, nonflexible front
B. Tight, snug fit D. Properly fitting arch support
5. What would tweezers be used for in a first-aid kit?
A. To remove objects from the eye
B. To set a stress fracture
C. To pull back skin from a wound
D. To remove a splinter from the hand
6. What can you do to prevent running injuries?
A. Limit your water intake throughout the day.
B. Reduce the amount of walking you do during running sessions.
C. Wear properly fitting running shoes.
D. Run on hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt.
7. A well-stocked first-aid kit should include what type of product for cleaning wounds?
A. Antibiotic ointment C. Benzoin
B. Aloe vera D. Witch hazel
8. Why is it important to get a medical checkup prior to beginning a fitness program?
A. To determine which vitamin supplements would best complement a specific
fitness regimen
B. To check for preexisting conditions that would make some exercises dangerous
C. To determine what types of exercise equipment work best for your body
D. To decide upon the type training needed for different areas of the body
9. What is a strain?
A. A twist or tear in a muscle
B. A stretch or tear of a ligament
C. An open wound with minimum bleeding
D. A punctur10. What are some of the psychological stages of healing following an injury?
A. Anger, denial, bargaining
B. Shock, realization, acknowledgment
C. Depression, regression, acceptance
D. Fear, self-loathing, apathy
11. Which of the following signs may indicate heat exhaustion?
A. Hunger, fatigue, and back pain
B. Muscle cramps, fatigue, and lightheadedness
C. Lethargy, thirst, nausea, dry skin
D. Overexcitability, inability to sleep
12. Which one of the following conditions requires immediate medical attention?
A. Muscle soreness after running a 10K
B. Skin abrasions after sliding into home base
C. Bleeding from the head after a fall
D. Black-and-blue marks on the shin
13. What can you do to prevent in-line skating injuries?
A. Skate in the streets, not on the sidewalks.
B. Keep your head up while you’re skating.
C. Try to fall backward, not foreward.
D. Wear a limited amount of padding.
14. How could you determine the amount of fluid lost during a workout in hot weather?
A. Weigh yourself in the middle of the workout session.
B. Weigh yourself in the morning and evening on the day you work out.
C. Weigh yourself several times throughout the workout session.
D. Weigh yourself right before and right after the workout session.
15. If you engage in seasonal sports, such as skiing, what should you do in the off-season?
A. Relax and recuperate
B. Reduce strenuous activities
C. Engage in a strength-training program
D. Engage in activities that will preserve fitness
16. When a body part is injured, it should be
A. exercised. C. rested.
B. stressed. D. stretched.e wound with no bleeding
17. The acronym RICE stands for
A. reduction, injury, communication, explain.
B. rest, ice, compression, elevation.
C. relaxation, immobilization, care, exercise.
D. restriction, instruction, CPR, equipment.
18. When running in cold weather, which one of the following materials is not recommended
for layering next to the skin?
A. Wool C. Nylon
B. Polyester D. Cotton
19. What is a sprain?
A. A twist or tear in a muscle
B. A stretch or tear of a ligament
C. An open wound with minimum bleeding
D. A puncture wound with no bleeding
20. How can you prevent injury while cycling?
A. Get your bicycle custom-fitted.
B. Pedal slowly.
C. Release some of the air from the tires.
D. Lean over while riding.

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nausea lethargy: I Nedd Help With My Preventing Injury Work Can Someone Help Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!?