nausea feeling

Does anybody have the feeling of nausea in the morning?
..and no it’s not morning sickness haha It’s really weird. I just can’t eat certain things in the morning. Especially when I get up early, I feel nauseas like I can’t eat, but yet I’m hungry. I have a really fast metabolism if that has anything to do with it? But if I wake up later like 8 or 9 it’s not bad. I usually drink a slim fast in the morning cuz it’s the only thing that I can stand. Any suggestions, explanations, or others who feel the same thing?

Answer by ~10~
~only when i’m pregnant

Answer by ♥cup_cake♥
i sometimes feel that way in the morning. i woke up today feeling that way (no i’m not pregnant). i too have a very fast metabolism. my boyfriend thinks im crazy for feeling that way :(

i don’t like it, not a good feeling. last night i didn’t eat well and today i felt so nauseous but starving at the same time. its an icky feeling. i think for me thats why i feel that way.

dont know if this helps answer your question

Answer by liss
I have the same problem. I’m hungry, just can’t eat. If I need to, I’ll have something dry–like a wheat chex or cracker. But I need to be up forawhile before I can eat more. Wish I knew. I’m going to follow this thread. I think it’s just the way I am. It doesn’t seem to hurt or anything.

Answer by troyboy
i feel the same way every morning, i just skip breakfast and feel better when i eat around noon, and i know im not pregnant

Answer by bounceordie
Sometimes when I wake up too early or before my body wants to, I feel really nauseous. I usually drink a glass of water to rehydrate myself and if that doesn’t help then I have a ginger ale. Having a liquid breakfast is probably the best thing to start out with.

Answer by TJ
try laying in bed a little after u get up to get your body moving

Answer by sugaplum99
hmm i get exactly that? its when i get up reallly early?
i feel really sick? its strange?
then when i let myself wake up when i want to or later i feel fine?
i would like to know what this is aswell?

nausea feeling: Does anybody have the feeling of nausea in the morning?