nausea tiredness

Tiredness, ache joints, thirsty, nausea, pee a lot?
I wrote a comment on here a couple of weeks ago about me being tired, not being able to sleep,etc. Neway I have stopped the caffine (dont drink any) I do though have a drink once a week, yet I am still tired! I am sleeping about 7-8 hours a night (the weekend just gone 11 hours straight!)I am getting little worried now as after doing a bit of research on my conditions that I have, it has been suggested that I might have Diabeties 2…? or (Low gloucoes-red blood cell) I cant remember what it is called-begins with a H. I think Hyberclycimic or something like that….? I am going to the Dr tonight to hopefully find out what is wrong with me, but just wanted really some background info really from people who have had this condition/have this condition, and the best way really they delt with it. Any info would be brilliant, thank you
Right been to the doctors, they seem to think there is nothing wrong with me. They did tests to see wether or not I have diabeties (I havent aparently) He said its just fatigue… and gave me some pills to help me. This morning I was sick after breakfast and have had nothing to eat since. I have still been peeing all the time especially straight after drinking water. It comes out clear (the pee) then othertimes it can be yellow…. I have told the doc this-yet , well he seems to think I am ok…. I dont think i am……

Answer by girl1212
I think that you mean hyperglycemia lol.
you do show a lot of the symptoms, so i would be sure to get it checked out with your doctor asap
i have type 1 diabetes, and i was constantly tired, thirsty and peed alot as well before i got diagnosed. . once you get on insulin, it realllly helps out alot and your able to get a good night’s sleep (not toooo long, dont have to get up a few times in the middle of the night to get a drink/ go pee)

nausea tiredness: Tiredness, ache joints, thirsty, nausea, pee a lot?