nausea, fatigue, upper-mid abdominal pain, slight headache?
nausea, fatigue, upper-mid abdominal pain, slight headache?
early november i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and soon started feeling nauseas mainly everyday around 2:00pm sometimes early in the morning sometimes late at night. i felt pretty tired all the time and had a craving for foods i normally would not eat. my whole body felt different. at the same time that i was feeling very fatigued and kind of sick sometimes i felt wonderful. i had spotting and then i had my period late but barely at all. i have no doubt in my mind i was pregnant but i took a few home urine tests that all came up negative (i took these before my strangely light period). a few weeks later, all symptoms pointing to early pregnancy stopped abruptly and i started having severe pain in my ovaries like menstrual cramps worse than i have ever had before and there was a lot of blood and tissue/clot-like material. i felt fine after that night but then maybe a week later my boyfriend and i were having protected sex and the condom broke so we went to get an emergency contraceptive (morning after pill). they gave me another urine test and told me i wasn’t pregnant. a couple weeks later i had my period early and (don’t think i’m gross) but i somehow left a tampon in for about a week and when i found it, i also found the end of the condom that broke. that’s when i started getting really sick, but not at first. that was a couple months ago. i went to the doctor just the other week, (but haven’t mentioned anything about the condom because i just flat forgot although i did tell of everything else) and he told me he thought i had gastritis. he gave me antibiotics for it and told me if it didn’t make me better by the end of the weekend to go to the emergency room because he thought it could be my appendix or toxic shock. i felt a little better after taking the medicine but one night after the weekend i felt significantly worse than ever. i went to the hospital and they told me i had a bladder infection and a yeast infection. they gave me medicine and i began to feel better. now (about 2-3 weeks later) i feel terrible. last night i had pain that wasn’t so much terrible pain as it was very uncomfortable and severe nausea. it was as if i was having a panic attack on top of being sick. none of the forementioned doctors seemed to pay much attention to the fact that i possibly was pregnant and may have miscarried???? i know i’m not crazy. how did our ancestors know they were pregnant before we had all these tests and stuff? i am just wondering what is going on with me or what kind of doctor i should go to. it seems i have been disregarded by the latter and my health is suffering because of it. i can not afford to go to another doctor who is not going to be able to help me. im not sure if the supposed pregnancy/miscarriage had anything to do with any of the symptoms i am now feeling but if anyone knows anything about this or has been through the same thing please let me know. thank you!

if it helps to know: i am 20 and i am std free. (i got tested at the hospital) i am a vegetarian, eating chicken only on occasion, and i eat pretty healthy. i don’t however drink as much water as i should. maybe that has something to do with it. its not that im drinking other things. i only drink juice and water, but i just probably don’t stay hydrated enough.

also, the thought of food grosses me out. i know that i am hungry and even if its something i would normally like, it grosses me out. and there seems to be a nasty taste in my mouth i guess. i think about food and i feel like i need to brush my teeth.

Answer by waterrafter1234
It could be a combination of things. It could be due to recovery from a miscarriage, plus toxic shock and a bacterial infection from the tampon and broken condom. I would seriously consider going to a different doctor. Your body has gone through a lot in a short period of time. Tell this doctor everything that has been going on and see what he or she thinks. I hope it all works out for you and that you feel better soon.

nausea fatigue: nausea, fatigue, upper-mid abdominal pain, slight headache?