Tired of being sick: Constant Nausea, and throwing up?

Apr 17
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Tired of being sick: Constant Nausea, and throwing up?
I’m normally a healthy 21 year old, and don’t get sick often.
But as of lately, I’ve been having nausea and vomiting on and off.
It started about 2 1/2 weeks ago, with a bit of nausea and not wanting to eat anything.
I started throwing up shortly after, and so I started being careful about what I ate.
I’ve been eating crackers, bread, and cereals. It’s about the only thing I can eat that doesn’t sound gross.
I’ve been throwing up the days when I eat these things for lunch, as well as the days that I don’t eat anything at all because I feel sick, as is.
And by the time dinner rolls around I get hungry around 6 p.m., but my hubby gets off work late so we don’t usually eat until 8.
When we do finally have dinner, I’m no longer hungry, and by that time I am feeling queasy and dizzy. I have been having to force myself to eat a few bites at dinner, because I’m afraid if I don’t I’ll just end up feeling more sick.
Luckily at dinner I don’t throw up at all, but I do feel awful.
I’ve been throwing up at least 2-3 times a week.

I used to love going out to eat, and cooking dinner at home. But lately it feels like my body hates food, when all I want to do is enjoy it again.
I’m having a hard time understanding why I’m queasy and throw up even when I haven’t eaten…
Is there a possibility that I’m sick even though I don’t have any other symptoms?
Please help :(

Also, I guess there’s always a possibility that I may be pregnant, but I doubt it as I’m on the pill.

Answer by Bill W
Has something happened lately that has caused you to be stressed? You should not eat anything hard to digest which includes breads, crackers and cereal… Rice is what you should be eating and fruits and veggies and low fat meats. Squeeze some lemon in some water and drink that. Stay away from dairy and any carbonated drinks for a few days too. Then if you are feeling better introduce the breads and crackers and cereals… If when you reintroduce these foods back into your diet and you start feeling sick again, You could have developed a gluten intolerance recently. Then you would need to stay away from gluten the rest of your life. They don’t know what causes it, but think it may be stress related onset celiac. It creeps up on you and you just get sick for no reason, symptoms are wide and varied. To dizzy, stomach ache, sometimes fever, back and joint aches. The bread and cereal and crackers you are eating are making it worse.

constant nausea: Tired of being sick: Constant Nausea, and throwing up?


can chronic stress lead to fatigue lethargy and nausea?

Jan 4
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nausea lethargy

can chronic stress lead to fatigue lethargy and nausea?
I’ve been depressed for the past 2 months, and recently I’m fatigued, lethargic, and even nauseated
my veins are bulging in my hands, I’m constantly tired, light headed, my eyes are red, I feel like my body is self destructing…
wow, terrible, ok besides the aforementioned symptoms, can stress permanently lower a persons IQ?

Answer by FlaSunLover
You bet !

Chronic stress taxes our immune system, and depletes B12.

Get sublingual B12, 30 mins. of sunshine/day [take short walks].
If you do not see initial improvement, see Dr. for blood work.

After add’l comment: Get your blood pressure checked ASAP – many fire depts. will do you, and also many pharmacy depts. have free blood pressure machines….

IQ: I don’t believe it “permanently” lowers IQ, but you can feel that way due to difficulty concentrating, remembering – like you’re in slo-mo!! compared to normal

Answer by I R G _ H I Q
Yes, sorry.

Answer by Acka
Yes, Chronic stress can show up in many different physical ways.

Fix your stress, and your physical symptoms should go away.

Talk to someone about your stress, a friend maybe. This may help you be less stressed.

Answer by Christine
Absolutly, it can also lead to much worse as well, my advise, if you have the money, get a massage, see a chiropractor, get some aromatherapy candles.
If you dont have the money, light the candles you do have, take a hot bath, drink a glass of red wine, have your friend of partner massage your back/feet.
Whether you have money or not, you MUST eliminate the stress in your life. Honey, life is way too short! You should be happy, smiling and be in the prime of your life!

Answer by melody r
Yes stress and depression can cause all of the symptoms that you are describing. Have you been diagnosed with depression? There are some great meds out there now with few to no side effects that can really help you. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and I am 36. I’m waiting (hoping) for a heart transplant but have little time left to wait. I got very depressed and hopeless so my Dr put me on an anti-depressant and at first I didn’t think it helped but now I realize it did. If you ever want to talk to someone feel free to email me munchkininaustin@yahoo.com. Please take care of yourself. Life is precious

Answer by med girl
Yes, Stress can lead to many things…..Depression, fatigue, nausea, insomnia, body aches, eating habits, concentration, mood swings, heart attacks and the list goes on. Stress can kill you. You may need to go to the Dr. and get some help if it is that bad. Don’t let it get worse and worse before U seek expert help. I know every one has stress in their life…God knows I have plenty of my own. Try to get rid of some of it if possible. Good Luck!!

nausea lethargy: can chronic stress lead to fatigue lethargy and nausea?