constant dizziness, slight nausea, tired eyes?
Okay so basically feel like slightly dizzness and nausea constantly. Usually i can deal with it but it gets really bad when its hot, in cars/buses, when i’m laying flat with no pillows, when it smells bad, and basically when im moving alot like working out and stuff. When i lay down it’s not bad atall sometimes it even goes away. My eyes also like hurt sometimes, like there extremly sensitive to the light like it literally hurts when i look into natural daylight sometimes and like they feel tierd and like i have been squinting which i know i dont but its like that same headache you get when you squint. It just really bothers me and would love to know what is wrong with me.

+ also i get very sick on rides they literally make me so sick i cannot even stand up when i go on them, even regular plain swings make me sick

+ the feeling of diziness i get is almost like when you get off of a spinny ride except it’s like that all the time.

Answer by golden rider
It could be high blood pressure or diabetes, but I would got to the doctor and get it checked out soon.

nausea tired: constant dizziness, slight nausea, tired eyes?