What is the reason for this sudden feel of vomiting?
Occasionally, suddenly my dad gets this feeling of vomiting and he is all bent over trying to induce it but nothing really comes out? This feeling lasts for about 5 minutes. What is the reason for this? Is this something to be worried about? Thank you.
Just to clear up the situation he doesn’t have any STDs.

Answer by Rachael
It could simply be a sore throat coming on. I know many people who, when they get a sore throat, they get that feeling of vomiting- but never do.

Answer by Juventus
Vomiting is a very common symptom of many different syndromes. He would need to go to a gastroenteroligist to be properly diagnosed. Self diagnosing is never a good thing.

Answer by JRT75
The sore throat one is good, it always happens. Maybe he has an autoimmune disease or something is wrong with his digestive system.

Answer by chu-chi
that happens to me before it is becuase maybe ha has alot of stress which might upset his stomach and when he eats maybe he feels like he is going to vomit or sometime in the morning that happens sometimes the body in not used to eating so early

Answer by casey_johnson92
Well, I mean how long has been going on? If it has been awhile then it isn’t life threating. Also, if it isn’t worsening then it isn’t serious.

However, it is causing your Dad complications. I would recommend going to the Doctor. Try and think about what he does prior to this “sudden feel of vomiting”. It’s more than likely something mild and may need a Doctors help figuring it out.

Answer by shutterbugns
Go to the Doctor. He may have Pilori…a stomach bacteria that needs massive amounts of anitbotics to clear up…..however, it would make me randomly vomit at any given time. That may be the cause..

Answer by BabyCats
Hi; Hope that this answer can help you & your Dad… My friend was feeling nausea in the mornings and after extensive tests were done she was found to have pancreatic cancer! Have your dad tested ASAP cause the sooner they diagnos PC the SOONER they can treat it with a much higher survival rate!! I hope that I am wrong about his illness — but with the nausea symptom —- it is a possibility! Sorry hun, my friend was not so lucky & she only has a few days left to live. she is 70 years old & was diagnosed in Feb. 2008.

vomiting feeling: What is the reason for this sudden feel of vomiting?