stomach ache and stomach growling to feeling vomiting?
This morning i woke up and i felt my stomach hurt and i felt like vomiting. I swallow my spit a couple times in bed and then it started to growl. After i got out of bed i had diarrhea and then i vomited. After i vomited it felt kinda better but than i felt exhausted and my stomach kept growling…What should i do?

Answer by Mr. Helpful
It could be the flu or food poisoning. The article in the source link tells you how to tell the flu from a virus.

Answer by laura
Get some gingerale..pour it in a glass and stir for about a minute…drink it slowly…get up out of bed…get your body moving around…take a warm shower and put on some comfy clothes…make yourself a toast and chill for the day…let yourself relax! By tomorrow you should be feeling much better…if not, you should see your doctor.

Answer by SouthernRose
Sounds like the same thing I had a couple of weeks ago. Just keep trying to drink clear liquids and if they come back up, wait awhile and try drinking more. Don’t try eating anything till the liquids stay down and then eat something like chicken noodle soup or toast. You will feel tired and just want to stay in bed a couple of days and the third you should feel better.

vomiting feeling: stomach ache and stomach growling to feeling vomiting?