nausea headaches, tinnitus, persisting perception disorder side effects from smoking spice once?

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nausea headaches, tinnitus, persisting perception disorder side effects from smoking spice once?
i have chronic nausea, headaches, tinnitus, persisting perception disorder from smoking spice once at a party obviously stupidly and complete my fault should of just tried weed. i have seen many doctors also even been to er and had mri done also blood test for everything i had previously never tried any other drug except from obviously drink. its a bummer like its hard to get through day to day life because of the nausea mainly its like having constant flu but it never ends.. i cant even remember how long its been now over 4 months of feeling ill…my question is really any advise ?? what should i do just forget about it all the time try to distract myself constantly from the truth.
spice that legal high smokable drug ..i hope it gets band fast i also hope the skunk new stuff that they have made gets band. they carnt be getting away with what there doing surly lol they are litrely selling stuff they test on rats …just for a little bit of cash as well..bummer.. well in my eyes
i should have explained this more clearly……when i went to the er i was there for 3 day i had every test done you can imagine and they diagnosed the drug as the course of side effects because of my past history and my test results etc. they know that the side effects carnt get worse but they told me they may not get better either because they basically know nothing about the chemicals in spice.. the chemicals are JWH-018 and CP 47,497 i wasnt joking the company litrely sprayed the packets of spice with these chemicals that hav never been tested on humans only rats…on the packaging it says that spice is all natural but its sprayed with the chemicals witch work on he same part of the brain that weed does the JWH-018 and CP 47,497. like i said its a bummer i have litrely got tinnitus nausea and PPD aka flashbacks halos around objects i am just f**ked

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Here are some forums with studies/toxicology done on these chemicals & other people who have used it, problems, etc along with some suggestions, remedies for nausea and links to ones for tinnitus. I don’t know what can be done about the ppd unfortunately. I would still consult different doctors – 2nd opinions for all symptoms. I know it seems to be connected to the spice chemicals and really may be 100% but there could be something else going on and I would really put in the efforts to do another round of highly recommended doctors in your area – here best doctors are on castle connelly – they make a list. See some top specialists. Just in case.……

tinnitus from spice related link with suggestions for treatment:…

Both are totally safe links – just forums about spice and these chemicals.……

See if ginger ale helps with the nausea or organic ginger tea. I would make sure you take a multi vitamin, fish oil and drink A LOT of water gradually each day drink more – really try to flush out your system. Different people have fasts for different reasons – liver flush, etc — I am normally not an advocate of these things but maybe you should see a holistic/alternative type of dr to see if they recommend doing some type of flush that may help rid lungs, liver, and body from toxins. I know there’s a book called The Cure by Timothy Brantley – has some flushes/fasts in it. I don’t know – it’s horrible. You have to be careful with what you put into your body – people drink DMX cough syrup or huff chemicals and while most people do not get damage the first or even first few times they use something, the warning is there that you can get damage the first time you ingest a chemical not made for your body in that way – too much, not approved, etc.

I would even suggest going to get acupuncture for nausea, headaches, etc – Try cold compresses for the headaches and even the HEAD ON sticks at drugstores – the stuff actually works sometimes. Also peppermint oil helps relieve tension and geranium oil soothes and refreshes – I have a roll on stick from a store called Bath and Body Works – it has a red label and it’s Aromatherapy – it’s called Headache Relief. It has the peppermint and geranium oil – you roll it on the temples, back of neck where the muscles are and it actually works along with the head on roll on at the drugstores for the pain. And I get pretty bad headaches. You may even want to try to take an NSAID – over the counter or prescription anti inflammatory like Advil or more so Naproxen which is the active ingredient in Aleve. Aleve is actually pretty strong. Suggests taking 1 but 2 is almost a prescription dose and works well to relieve inflammation. There may be some type of inflammation effecting occular nerves along with the head and ears considering the ringing. See if taking an anti inflammatory helps – if it does, it would seem to indicate some type of inflammation. See an eye dr as well – 100% see an eye doctor. They can rule out any eye problems and help you explain what the cause of the ppd may be – even if from spice, why it is still happening!!

There is a notch in the eyebrow – the bone kind of has a divet. If you press in this area lightly and hold it down, it can help relieve pressure with headaches. Some say drinking gatorade can help too because of the electrolytes.

As for nausea, here are some other suggestions:

Let’s get syrupy about it. If you’re not that nauseated, “Coke syrup is something we use that seems to work real well,” says pharmacist Robert Warren, Pharm.D., who heads Pharmacy Services at Valley Children’s Hospital in Fresno, California. The noncarbonated syrup has concentrated carbohydrates that may help settle the stomach. In fact, Dr. Warren says, any soft drink liquid concentrate or even plain sugar syrup may help. The dose is 1 to 2 tablespoons for adults, at room temperature, as needed, and 1 to 2 teaspoons for children.

Or go for the uncola. Emetrol is “an over-the-counter product that works the same way as Coke syrup,” Dr. Warren says, but is more expensive and without caffeine. It’s a phosphorated carbohydrate solution containing the sugars glucose and fructose, and phosphoric acid.

Go for Bonine. These high-sugar syrups, however, are not for diabetics or for anyone who wants to avoid the calories. Instead, Dr. Warren says, an alternative is Bonine, a chewable antihistamine tablet with no sugar. Bonine is a motion sickness drug that works on your stomach. (Dramamine, another motion sickness medication isn’t effective against other kinds of nausea because it works on your inner ear.) As with any drug, be sure to read the precautions on the label first.

Keep in all clear down below. If you want food, stick to clear liquids like tea and juices, says nausea researcher Kenneth Koch, M.D., a gastroenterologist at Pennsylvania State University’s Hershey Medical Center. These liquids should be warm or room temperature, not cold, to avoid further shock to your stomach. Drink no more than 1 or 2 ounces at a time.

Make it flat. “My mom used to give me 7-Up,” Dr. Warren says. Other moms gave cola or ginger ale. Since our experts advise against cold beverages and carbonated ones, do as Stephen Bezruchka, M.D., an emergency physician at Providence Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, suggests. Let carbonated drinks stand until flat and lukewarm.

Eat carbos first. If you need something to eat, and your nausea isn’t too bad, eat light carbohydrates in small amounts—toast or crackers, for instance, Dr. Koch says. As your tummy de-nauseates, graduate to light protein, like chicken breast or fish. Fatty foods are the last thing to add to your diet.
The Alternate Route

Press Your Luck

The Chinese have known for centuries that acupuncture is an effective, painless, drugless medication. Acupressure is needle-less acupuncture. “The idea is to use it before you start vomiting,” says acupuncturist Joseph M. Helms, M.D., a family practitioner in Berkeley, California. Who knows, this method might work for you.

Apply pressure to the webbing between your thumb and index finder on either hand. Use firm, deep pressure and a rapid massaging movement for several minutes, Dr. Helms says. “I don’t mean caress it.”

Using the same kind of motion and pressure, Dr. Helms says, rub with your thumb or thumbnail on the top of your foot between the tendons of the second and third toes.

Get out of the pink. The stomach soother Pepto-Bismol and others such as Mylanta and Maalox are for disease-provoked stomach upsets, not for a queasy stomach. However, if your nausea is caused by inflammation or irritation, and if it’s not too severe, Dr. Koch says, “they’re reasonable to start with.” But none of our experts wholeheartedly recommend them, because, as Samuel Klein, M.D., an assistant professor of gastroenterology at the University of Texas Medical School at Galveston notes, “none of them is specifically designed for nausea.” And they’re far from being the clear liquids doctors favor.

Try the ginger cure. Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D., a psychologist and psychopharmacologist in Lehi, Utah, who has been researching herbal medicine for 15 years, swears by gingerroot. “It will definitely take care of nausea,” he says. Take capsules of the powdered root; the amount depends on how nauseated you are. “You know you’ve had enough when you burp and taste ginger,” he says.

Make sure it’s capsulized. Fresh ginger is too strong for most people in the amounts you have to take to get the same effect as with powder, Dr. Mowrey says. Ginger ale or ginger snaps may work if your symptoms are very mild.

End it all. One of the most effective ways to stop nausea is to allow yourself to vomit, Dr. Koch says. The nausea leaves you immediately, and maybe just one good upchuck will take care of it for good. At the very least you’ll have a temporary respite from that queasy feeling. He doesn’t, however, recommend making yourself vomit.

And ya shouldn’t have just tried weed either – trust me, I was no angel in my past but save yourself the risk with starting on any drug – because it opens doors and more possibilities that you will use more drugs – it does – even weed! And weed on its own people say has no side effects really – no damage but everyone I knew that smoked pot fairly regularly or even occasionally gets lazy, tired, no energy, forgets things. You’re messing with your brain no matter what drug you ingest – seriously. Why try anything? Even to say you should have just tried weed is scary cause hopefully this whole problem has permanently scared you out of ever using anything ever again.

I don’t think you can do much to really get away from this if it is this bad. Perhaps there is something else going on and you are connecting it to the spice – I don’t know. I would still see some doctors outside of the er — in the er, they do what they can to see if there is an emergency condition but always tell people to follow up with another dr. I know you have seen many but make sure you see and ENT, a gastroenterologist and neurologist – they can’t do much about ringing in the ears except check with a scope in your throat to rule out any cause and in the ears. An MRI may not show what you need it to – there are a lot of other tests they can run. Maybe they need to run poisoning tests – heavy metals, toxins, etc – I would see a alternative dr to see if they can put you on a regimen to try to flush out your system.

Good luck

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nausea headaches: nausea headaches, tinnitus, persisting perception disorder side effects from smoking spice once?


Nausea headaches, tinnitus, persisting perception disorder side effects from smoking spice once?

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nausea headaches

Nausea headaches, tinnitus, persisting perception disorder side effects from smoking spice once?
basically just ban spice and all other legal highs.

Answer by Bob
All other legal highs? Really? Why? Because YOU, one person out of millions got fukced. I don’t think so buddy. You know how many people die from Alcohol and Cigarettes each year? How about all the people that get damaged and die from things like Aspirin, even vitamins.. People die from STRAWBERRIES!! Those who are allergic to strawberries, are we gonna ban strawberries now too?

Anything that you ingest has a risk. If a big percentage of people get damaged, then yeah we need to ban it. Heroin for instance.. But things that have very low risk, should remain legal.

Having said that i agree, Spice should be banned and it already is, anyway, because it’s not natural, it contains a man made chemical, which is synthetic THC. But things like Ecsphoria, Salvia, Wild Kratom should remain legal because they are all natural. Doesn’t mean they can’t damage you, but the risk is a lot lower.

At the end of the day it’s about personal choices. Don’t tell ME what to ingest or not ingest.


P.S. Sorry to hear you got so fukced from Spice :( still.. doesn’t mean because one or two people got hurt we should prevent everyone from using.

nausea headaches: Nausea headaches, tinnitus, persisting perception disorder side effects from smoking spice once?