Constant nausea – please help, I haven’t got an answer yet?
I’ve been feeling very nauseous, as though I’m going to throw up. I get this feeling every day and it means that I can’t sleep or eat very much. I don’t actually throw up but it feels like I’m about to, I feel very queasy. I also burp quite a lot when I feel like this, so I guess it could be indigestion but it doesn’t only happen after I’ve eaten. Today, I was hungry but I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything, I felt dreadful. My family thinks I’m making it up because I don’t want to eat, but that’s not true! Unless I’m the Virgin Mary I’m not pregnant, so what else could it be?
I take Fybogel because my bowel movements aren’t very regular, I’m not really losing any weight.
And it’s lasted for over a year, but it’s getting worse, I’m also on the Pill for menstrual cramps but I’ve been on that for a year, so after the nausea started.

Answer by Sister Silky
no man you gotta be liuke look mom and dad i really need to see a doctor because i am so sick lately!

Answer by Bobbie
There is allot of things that could be wrong, yes its not normal. If you have any relief with indegestion meds, like zantac take that. If not you need to see a gastrointerologist, to have a camera scope (EGD) good luck

Answer by .
Go see the doctor. YA isn’t a clinic, and since no one here can examine you and run blood tests to determine the cause, no one can diagnose you. Why did you feel the need to expound on your not being the Virgin Mary? Hiding something?

Answer by Kuf
I had the exact same thing, but then I got treated for Helicobacter Pylori, it’s a stomach bug that a lot of people have but it’s usually symptomless. Go to your GP/family doctor and get checked up. I thought it was a passing tummy upset and let it pass, but it didn’t!!.

Answer by kimmermer
I had the same thing at the beginning of last summer, I had salmonella poisoning from eating chicken that was not cooked properly. It sounds like you have a type of food poisoning, sometimes it can take up to a month to get out of your system, I felt the same way as you. They make Gravol that is non-drowsy that you can take on a daily basis that will help you feel better. Go to the doctor and describe you symptoms, they may want to do a blood test and they may find something. Good Luck!

Answer by Beth F
I would really stress to your family that you feel HORRIBLE and ask to get an x ray. I’m not a doctor (obviously) but sometimes people who feel queasy or throw up all the time (meaning like even when you drink a little glass of water you throw up) may need to take their tonsils out. I would strongly suggest getting an x ray… I hope I helped U

Answer by Lily
i am so sorry to hear that! you really should go to the doctor and have them check it out!

Answer by msnertroe
There are several causes for nausea including chemical irritation, pregnancy (as you alluded to), GI irritatiorn, or a several other possibilities.

For someone that has had constant nausea and has not had relief from traditional treatments such as Pepto-Bismal, Dramamine (or other first generation anti-histamines) or changing some eating habits (small amounts of food). You should see a Dr. right away.

If you are vomiting make sure to take in plenty of fluids and see the Dr.

Unfortunatly, with the information offered it is difficult to determine the exact cause. It may be environmental or from being sick.

If you could provide more information on and Factors that make it worse and how long its been happening I can help figure it out.

Answer by Serengeti
I went thru a phase where I vomitted whenever I ate. I had taken up the high fat diet again and this time around my body couldn’t handle it. I googled and found my answer. (Google is your friend!) This is because I have severe adrenal insufficiency.

So my advice to you is ask your dr. to check your adrenals (cortisol and aldosterone levels) via a 24 hr saliva test (for the cortisol). Nausea and vomitting are signs of malfunctioning adrenals. Don’t let them give you cortisone unless you are prepared to wake up obese a few weeks down the HC road.

Answer by krzynurse13
First of all, you need to see your Dr. You could have an ulcer, or something wrong with your upper gastrointestinal system, not saying that it is some “mysterious, horrible” disease. You could have a food allergy, you could have an ulcer. I actually had the same problem and I went to the Dr. and it came out that mine was stress related. I would like burp constantly and feel so queasy all the time but very rarely would actually throw up. Some things that you can do until you can see your Dr. is to take a acid controller. I bought a generic version at the drugstore for a few bucks. You take one pill once a day, that might help. Also, try to eat really small, bland meals, but most importantly, if you cannot keep food down, make sure you are taking in fluids. Take small sips, use a straw, drink things that do not have a lot of sugar. Water, G-2, gingerale. Crackers, toast, applesauce, just try very small amounts and definitely see a Dr. It is probably nothing serious but can be resolved easily once the Dr. knows what is causing this. I could get into more details but I don’t want to bore you! Are you losing weight? How long has this been lasting? Do you take any daily medications? Are your bowel movements normal?

constant nausea: Constant nausea – please help, I haven’t got an answer yet?