Constant Nausea, motion sickness, eating helps.?
Im 24 year old female. Ive been experiencing nausea that feels like motion sickness. The only thing that helps is eating. When I eat it goes away for a few minutes and then again its back. This all began after about a month after I gave birth. Its been about 3 months of this. It all began after experiencing anxiety constatnly. I am on anti depressants and it was helping at first but now its back!!! Please help! The only thing that helps is eating!!! If anyone has experienced this let me know. Im looking for options to releave the nausea.

Answer by Chuck Wagon
It’s probably because of your anxiety. You need to find a stress reliever. Pamper yourself, go to a spa, exercise- even going for a 15 minute walk. Get lots of sleep- lack of sleep may be a big reason for your anxiety. Read something engaging and positive before going to bed. Don’t watch tv at night, it will mess with the release of natural sleep hormon. Get regular massages, go to a psychotherapist. Anyway, these are some ideas. Anti-depressants don’t solve the problem, you have to fix it.

Answer by Alec S
Please consider having a full physical with urinalysis and a blood test. You could have something wrong with your sugar levels or your hormonal balances. Hormonal imbalance is certainly very common post-pardum, but there’s no way to know for sure, or how to treat it best, without the proper testing. Congratulations on your new baby. Sadly, the effects of pregnancy, on your body, did not end with the delivery.

Good luck to you, and your whole family.

Answer by allmymarbles
When I suffered constant morning sickness, I was given a cut lemon and told to suck on it. Much to my amazement it worked. It also works for motion sickness. Sorry I can’t tell you how to get rid of the nausea, only how to handle it.

constant nausea: Constant Nausea, motion sickness, eating helps.?