What would cause almost constant nausea with no other problems?
I have had almost continuous nausea for over two weeks, no vomit, no fever, nothing. I can’t go to my doctor because our health insurance is changing and will not be avaible till January. Thanks, and please, don’t be rude. If you you don’t like the question, please move onto another one.
It’s not heart burn, I suffered through that all through my pregnancy with my son. Not heart burn at all. It could be stress, home life is very stressful right now, I haven’t even thought of it being pregnancy. I should check that one out, though I didn’t have any nausea when I was pregnant before.

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Are you sure you are not pregnant?

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maybe your pregnant?

Answer by countrygirl
Acid Reflux. I have it and I felt awful for along time. I now take a over the counter acid reducer and I feel much better. Try it. I bet it works!!!

Answer by *deja vu*
You might be pregnant.

You might be sensitive or allergic to something in your environment too. Is anything different than usual?

What have your eating patterns been? More salt? More sugar? Without enough exercise, that will also induce nausea.

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Diseases of the kidney, liver, gall bladder, and brain. Sorry, but you’re not gonna find the answer here.

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Could you be pregnant? Also is there something really stressful happening to you — My grandmother died a few months ago and for a few weeks after I had nausea as I dealt with it. Maybe talking to someone will help.

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Could you be pregnant?

Answer by Lindsay MG
Do you have acid reflux or suffer from heart burn or indigestion often? I have acid reflux and have nausea accompanied by no other symptoms often. This is a side effect of having acid reflux.

If you need treatment you can purchase the non drowsy formula of Dramamine for about 4 dollars. This will help with the nausea. Also try taking some mylanta and/or tums.

Are you currently on any medications or have allergies? Sometimes nausea can be caused by these. You could also have an unkown allgery that you are exposed to often that could cause it.

I hope that you are able to figure out the cause and feel better soon.

constant nausea: What would cause almost constant nausea with no other problems?