symptoms for about 3 weeks so far and yes i have been to my doctor and had labs done?

Mar 20
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nausea lethargy

symptoms for about 3 weeks so far and yes i have been to my doctor and had labs done?
.lethargy hard to stay awake for more than a few hours at a time, hot and flushed, muscle aches and stifness especially in lower bask and neck shoulder area, headaches nausea, ears ringing, joints aching and constantly popping. back feels like it needs to be cracked, shoulder blades crack a lot now numbness and tingling in hands, had full labs done and their clean HIV negative and doc does not know whats wrong, any ideas out there?

Answer by nanawnuts
You poor baby, I will bet you’re miserable. I will put out some prayers for you and hope that you find out what is wrong. This sounds very serious….You need House! (The TV doctor who always has these bizarre cases that no one else can solve). If your doc cant find what it is, try other doctors. Maybe type your symptoms in at Web MD and see if it picks up anything. I wish you the best of luck! Nana

Answer by Lulabelle
Hmm…has your dr. ordered an ANA test? (anti-nuclear antibody) test? This can be helpful in at least determining if something autoimmune is going on… have you been on any medications recently? I have just been through a bout (4 and a half months) of crazy joint pain and stiffness and the ANA test and ESR test were positive…you could have a couple secondary things going on (poor posture contributing to pain and tingling) as well. Ask for those two tests. They show if there is inflammation in your body and can encourage drs. to do more specific follow up tests.

Answer by Alex
If a doctor cant figure it out with you there and asking a ton questions i doubt anything i have to say will help, but here are some ideas.

The favorite diagnosis of doctor who cant figure stuff out , is depression. It does explain many of the symptoms. yes generalized weakness, muscle tension and fatigue , and the popping all go together.

Viral causes might also be a factor and not specifically show on labs except for an increase in lymphocytes and some minor other differences.

bottom line we need more information, we need to see you and understand what kinda person you where before this, understand what you were doing when this started, and whats is affecting the symptoms now.

nausea lethargy: symptoms for about 3 weeks so far and yes i have been to my doctor and had labs done?


Constant nausea but not pregnant!!?

Feb 9
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Constant nausea but not pregnant!!?
I have been tested for Celiac’s disease (it runs in my family) and it came back negative. I took a pregnancy test (well…twice) and that came out negative. I haven’t really had any other symptoms along with it, like bowel issues or anything. But I have been in a CONSTANT state of nausea for about 3 weeks. Not every so often, but allll day long. I have no idea what could be the problem. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?
Note: I haven’t been vomiting, just constant nausea. It has decreased by appetite.

Answer by Ashley-Anne
Well isn’t a stomach flu, that won’t last 3 weeks. Definitley may be serious and i don’t even want to imagine how dehydrated you would be after that much vomitting, please go to the emergancy asap. This is not good.

Answer by shatteredpsychosis
Could be a mild ear infection. I had one that kept me nauseous for about a month. No pain or anything – just a little dizzy and REALLY nauseous.

Answer by huey2102102000
I felt nauseaous for 3 years and went through probably a dozen tests before my doctor diagnosed me with gastritis, a swollen stomach. I would go your doctor and explain what has been going on. I had to do a barium swallow to diagnos it.

Answer by Angelo’s Wifey
Well, first calm down cuz stress will make things worse. Second, have you tried tums or mylanta? I had a similar problem when I was in high school and my health teacher told me that you have a bacteria in your stomach that regulates something and when theres too much, you will become very nauseated. Do you have ovarian cysts? If your not on birth control, then you probably have a cyst; chances for cysts are very high w/o B.C. Good luck there….

Answer by azrul
u should try this. very helpfull and usefull. my sister have tried it before and it works. just follow the guide. Best of luck.

constant nausea: Constant nausea but not pregnant!!?