nauseous feeling

Why have i been feeling nauseous for the past 2 weeks?
For the past 2 weeks, maybe almost 3 i’ve been feeling really nauseous. Me and my bf have sex regularly and normally we always use protection besides this ONCE recently. I feel like i’m pregnant and what not, but i got my period a week ago, but it could be that decidual bleeding stuff but im not sure :/

Answer by Sandy
the only thing i can tell you is to take a pregnancy test or call your doctor for a blood test.

Answer by Jessica_Rose_15
i am in the SAME exact position as you, except the fact that i just lost my virginity to my boyfriend. i’m 16 years old and it was 9/11 when it happened. it was spur of the moment and we didnt use protection. it wasnt in for long and im not sure if he was even in all the way, but the chances are still out there. i have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which makes it harder than usual to get pregnant. i never get my period because of that disease/disorder but three days after my boyfriend and i had sex i got it. (and i haven’t naturally got it in a year and a half). it says on the internet that the first few weeks of pregnancy you can get your period but normally its the last one you have until after the baby comes. i feel pregnant, and i’ve been nauseous. but then i dont know if im making myself sick by worrying or if i really am. i find out tomorrow. good luck with you. :/ email me if you need someone to talk to ( <3 Jessica. :)

nauseous feeling: Why have i been feeling nauseous for the past 2 weeks?