I’ve been feeling nauseous for the past week, but I never actually throw up. How do I get rid of it?

May 3
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I’ve been feeling nauseous for the past week, but I never actually throw up. How do I get rid of it?
I don’t know how it started, I just have this feeling of nausea all the time, but I never seem to throw up.
How do I get rid of this? I’ve been taking gravol, but I’m afraid if I keep taking it, the effects of it will wear off. It’s really discomforting, because I can never eat anything without feeling gross. I’ve had to call sick at work twice now. Please help!

Answer by pastanaut
First off, take a pregnancy test.

If you’re not pregnant, it may be that you have a stomach virus, a bacterial infection, an ulcer, or acid reflux. You might want to go to your doctor to get a checkup and some better treatments. In the meantime, eat active culture yogurt. It’s not an instant cure, but it can help your body fight back by putting healthy bacteria into your digestive system.

Good luck.

Answer by Heather in TN
The first answer is all you need to know, it’s a great answer and true. When in doubt see a Doctor and get a pregnancy test A.S.A.P. You don’t want to cause unintended harm to the baby by taking meds if you are pregnant. Either way go to a doctor.

Great answer pastan..

nauseous feeling: I’ve been feeling nauseous for the past week, but I never actually throw up. How do I get rid of it?

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What causes almost constant nausea?

Jan 23
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What causes almost constant nausea?
I have been nauseous for a week and a half, i can’t keep down solid foods much, and have been living on a clear liquid diet. I also have been getting migraines and have been quite weak ( i assume from not eating). I do not have insurance or a family doctor, and dont have the money to go anyway. I am not pregnant i checked twice.

Answer by Family Guy

Answer by cirdellin
usually dehydration

Answer by chapaton
I’d still go with pregnant first. You suspected it.. It may not have shown up yet on a preg test.
Then i’d go with vertigo. Sounds like there are problems with headaches, and you could have problems in your inner ears.
Does that mean ear infections? Possibly.
You need to push the gatorade with the electrolytes.
Eat plain foods.
If you get any sicker, or not better go to the ER.

Answer by Nattie B
flu or dehydration

go to the free ghetto clinic

Answer by Mary
Can you go to an ER. You will get dehydrated and lose your chemicals. This is serious.

Answer by c.grinnell
You need to go to a community health center or your local hospital emergency room – immediately. You said that you checked for pregnancy twice, but there is a chance that you could be – you need to have a blood test to rule out pregnancy. They can help you in the ER to get on a program that will help pay your medical bills and they can also refer you to the appropriate agency for a medicaid (state sponsored health care) screening to see if you qualify. The good thing about it is either medicaid or the health program that they get you on will pay for this visit. You owe it to yourself to go.

Answer by oldbuckhorn
a hospital emergency room MUST treat you BY LAW for free! Go

Answer by aerdna2u
Migraines can make you nauseous. Do you have a history of migraines? Have you recently had a head injury or an increase in stress? Try taking a Dramamine, lay in a dark room and just relax. Increase your water intake and keep up with the clear liquid diet for now.

Answer by duggiedugg
Phone 0845 4647 the NHS hotline number and they can at least give you some advice, they are on 24hrs.
Also I would take any illness seriously if it has been going on for more than a week.
Good luck and get well soon!

Answer by Kiki
I’m not a doctor, but here’s what I could come up with:
The migraines may be causing the nausea. Other possible causes include: viral stomach flu, food poisoning, stress, medications, diabetes, and a head injury. Nausea and vomiting can also be signs of severe illnesses involving abdominal organs such as the liver (hepatitis), pancreas, gallbladder, stomach (ulcers) or appendix. According to my “health book,” it says to call a health professional if vomiting occurs with a severe headache, sleepiness, lethargy, or stiff neck (encephalitis and meningitis), chest pain (heart attack), fever and increasing pain in the right abdomen, fever and shaking chills, abdominal swelling, pain in the upper right or upper left abdomen; or if vomiting lasts longer than one week.

constant nausea: What causes almost constant nausea?