vomiting feeling

Why do I feel like vomiting when I get nervous?
Like, when I have to give a speech or make a comment, I get really nervous, and I start shaking, and feel like vomiting. Is that normal?

What can I do to make that feeling go away?

Thats the only thing that keeps me from commenting. I am scared I might actually do it someday.
This happens even if I haven’t ate.
America is the best team in Mexico

And I would never consider getting hypnotized.

Answer by mlennon0819
the reason why you feel like vomiting is because you tense up really fast so something could have got constricted in the proses so you get the feeling. to make it go away you just need to relax.

Answer by gurl_frm_DP

Answer by Joseph, II
It’s a nervous “reflex”. And those can be HARD to overcome. What you MIGHT consider trying- is going to see a Hypnotist. Explain to them the nature of your Fear, & see if they can’t “relieve” you of it- through the Power of Suggestion… Give it a try- You never know! :)

Answer by a little bit of this
yes, it’s just nerves. you may ned something for anxiety. happens to me

Answer by ben r
you get two upset comedown

Answer by realista renovada
Dear sister, your reaction is perfectly normal, don’t worry. You’ll get over it in time.
Hugs and kisses

Answer by BITTER klaudya¹
That happens to me too.
And when i know I’m gonna get nervous, like when i know I’m gonna give a speech, I go to the bathroom and try to vomit. It’s better to do it before than actually vomit all over when giving a speech. And sometimes it’s not that you really are going to vomit, it’s mostly just the vomiting sensation.

Answer by Mary
i feel the same way too when i’m really nervous.
i suggest you stay calm and not to worry too much.
think positive. and if you feel like vomiting, eat a candy.
that works for me. good luck!

Answer by Vamos . Vamos America.!

Answer by jadore
Brother, you are not alone.

One thing I have learnt is that the more you answer the easier it is. I try to answer very early in the Watchtower, just a short quick one, then I am calmer for the rest of the study.

Strange thing is, I am never nervous at the group study.

If you do vomit, don’t worry, someone will clean it up and it will give the young ones something to laugh at.

I don’t know if your congregation is the same, but ours have a weird sense of humour.

“For I, Jehovah your God, am grasping your right hand, the One saying to you, ‘Do not be afraid. I myself will help you.’”

Isaiah 41:13

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vomiting feeling: Why do I feel like vomiting when I get nervous?