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Can the emergency room do anything to help me with migraine headaches & nausea ?
I feel so nausea like i wanted to throw up and i got these crazy migraine headaches, I’m already seeing a neurologist but the medication the neurologist is not helping right now. What should i do ? Can the emergency room help me ? Will they hospitalized me or will they let me go home ??

Answer by thegoodladypayne
If you are in agony or really worried yes they can help. But I don’t know how much they can do. If you are seeing a neurologist my best advice would be to call his office in the morning.

Answer by Sandra M
They will give you medicine to relieve the pain so that you won’t feel like throwing up, tell them you are having a bad migraine headache. They most likely won’t keep you. Also if you have like an Urgent Care in your area that may be cheaper and faster than going to the Emergency Room.

Answer by Ms. Kimmery
You can go to the ER. They will give you nausea medicine and pain medicine that’s amazing and this stuff WILL help. I know what you’re talking about, it’s hard to get a grip on pain. They will do some tests to see if there is a reason for your headaches specifically, if not (they dont see anything bad) they will let you go home and will give you pain medicine and probably a prevenitive to try and keep them away. I was having a lot of headaches a while ago too…I’d go get checked out so you know that there’s nothing really bad going on (not trying to freak you out) and you can get some relief. Good luck hun, I know pains no fun…well, it is once you get the medicine lol, jk, but it really does help. have someone drive you there because they wont give you pain medicine if they know you drove by yourself because that’s some strong s$ $ t and you cant drive on it.

Answer by Peaches (The Original)
You can go to the ER or an Urgent Care center and they should be able to give you something for the nausea and something else to stop the migraine. After that, you need to call the neurologist and get an appointment as soon as they have one available, or even ask if the doctor has any emergency appointments available. Let them know that you were seen in the ER and you need to be seen for a follow up very quickly. When you see the doctor, let him know that the abortive medication that you were given is not working and that you need to try a different one. Try and stay away from taking narcotic pain medicine since they cause horrible rebound headaches which are usually worse than the original migraine you started out with. If you start taking things like Vicodin and Percocet every time you get a migraine, you will never get rid of them. They only make things worse. I have had migraines for many years, and sometimes the only thing that you can do is go to the ER and have them medicate you. But after that, you need to see about getting on a preventative medication to reduce the frequency and intensity of the migraines. If you get nausea with all of your migraines there is a medication called Maxalt-MLT. It melts under your tongue so you do not have to worry about throwing up any pills you have taken to get rid of the headache. They work very quickly to relieve the pain. After that, all you do is lay down for a nap and when you wake up, you will feel better. For now, go to the hospital and get treated, then follow up with the neurologist.

Answer by maggie_joe_2
yea the emergency room can help u all they will do is give u some medicane and send u home if it is not to bad

nausea headaches: Can the emergency room do anything to help me with migraine headaches & nausea ?