constant nausea

Repost*Nausea after eating? constant urination?
Lately after I eat I feel like I have to vomit.
When I walk around or stand up I feel like i’m going to puke everywhere.
And for the past 2 nights i’ve been having to wake up constant to pee.
Anyone ever have these kind of symptoms?
What could it be?
I thought it was acid reflux but the pills haven’t been working lately

& i don’t feel sick or anything.
I haven’t been running any fevers.
It’s just those two things.
I do plan to go to the clinic next week.
I’d just like to have some idea on what it could be
i had sex about a week ago and everyone says it’s too early to be feeling any kind of symtoms so i’m not sure

Answer by *~Tabby~*
And there is no chance of you being pregnant?

Im not sure, with the constant peeing i’d say a possibility of pregnancy but if thats out of the question, im not sure.

But good luck with the clinic next week

Answer by night_life17
I would go to a doctor ASAP and be examined. A few years ago I suddenly started having to pee constantly and was nausious, it turned out to be ovarian cancer, the tumors were pushing against my bladder. There is usually pain also associated with this but it varies. So definately get checked out.

constant nausea: Repost*Nausea after eating? constant urination?