Constant nausea after every meal..NOT PREGGO!!?
every single time i eat, i am nauseated about 20-30min after. its driving me crazy and usually the only thing that helps is if i eat something sweet…could this be a major problem? if there are any doctors/nurses on here please help!! ive google’d it and it gives me numerous possible medical problems. if anyone has had the same problem and is NOT PREGNANT what was the cause???

Answer by kcutie07
If you’re on your period or about to start your period, it could be because of that.

Answer by Marine Wife, Doggy Mom <3
You may have an issue with your digestive tract..such as liver or gallbladder. go to the doctor as soon as possible!

Answer by Caitlin
I had a similar problem a few months back… For me I pretty much had nausea all the time, but it was worse after meals. And eating sweet things wasn’t helpful… but I might be able to help. I had a bacterial overgrowth in my upper g.i. tract (I know, it sounds disgusting). Basically it is an overabundance of the bad bacteria in your stomach. Mine was caused because I had had a stomach flu a few months before and after the bacteria from the flu stayed in my stomach. Many things can cause it, though. I went to a specialist and they did a test called a hydrogen breath test that concluded it was a bacterial overgrowth. I was put on antibiotics for a little while to kill the bad bacteria and then put on a probiotic to replenish the good. Although this may not be your problem, it is a definite possibility. Hope I helped!

constant nausea: Constant nausea after every meal..NOT PREGGO!!?