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Vomiting feeling during sleep?
Hi all. Every once in awhile I wake up during the night and have shortness of breath, as if I was choking on something. I then have a nasty vomiting feeling in the back of my throat and whenever I swallow it stings. I tried drinking water and gargling with Listerine, but chewing gum seems to resolve it. This feeling usually lasts for about 10 minutes and then it goes away and I go back to sleep. I never actually vomit.

I’m not sure if it’s the food I’m eating or if it’s something else. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Answer by eRock
have you had gastric reflux before? (heartburn) it sounds like that type of pain\ discomfort. try some acid reflux medication over the counter before bed before you go worrying about it.

Answer by T
Sounds like acid reflux. Some treatments for acid reflux include avoiding spicy foods, avoiding going to sleep to close to meal time, and sleeping on an angle / partially raised up / with lots of pillows. There are also medications for acid reflux, but I’d try those changes first.

Answer by Jim Pfoss
I agree. It sounds like acid reflux.
Don’t eat within a few hours of sleeping. I find that large meat serving also makes the problem worse.

Answer by Mel
I’ve been having that occur lately. I do have acid reflux (from pregnancy). I finally talked to my doctor about it and started taking 150 mg Zantac in the evening-problem solved. Though I was having acid reflux EVERY night… I don’t know if it would be worth taking a medication if it just occured occasionally?

You could prop yourself up with a few pillows when sleeping?

vomiting feeling: Vomiting feeling during sleep?