nausea feeling

why am i feeling nausea during sex and even more when i climax?
Sometimes when I’m having sex with my boyfriend, when it gets towards climax i sometimes start to feel sick and sometimes as I’m climaxing i feel so sick that we have to stop. the sickness then lasts for about 20 minutes.
Other people have asked this question but noone gives a reasonable answer.

- I am NOT pregnant
- I am VERY attracted to my boyfriend
- I am NOT nervous
- I don’t feel pain during sex


Answer by Willis
U have diarrhea

Answer by silky_goddess
im not sure but perhaps he is hitting your cervix and it is causing your body to feel ill…try some other positions and if u still feel sick then ask your gyno.

Answer by Jezebel
is it possible you aren’t breathing right when you have sex? i know that sometimes with me i kinda tense up and forget to breathe because i’m my mind is occupied with other things. when i’m trying to have an orgasm i get so focused on that i forget to breathe as much as i should for some reason. because of that at times i get a bit nauseous or dizzy.
are you having sex after eating a lot maybe? or sex is too vigorous? i know with me if it’s rough after a while i will get dizzy just trying to keep up with a fast pace! that will definitely make me feel sick to my stomach after a while.
i’m sorry it’s not a better answer. i looked for some information and didn’t turn up with much. maybe you should take notice of your breathing and muscle tension when you have sex. your body might be tensing up so much and you may not be breathing enough and that could make you feel sick. well, that’s what has happened to me.
i’ll see if i can find anymore information later for you.

nausea feeling: why am i feeling nausea during sex and even more when i climax?