vomiting feeling

Feeling extremely weak a day after vomiting?
I’m 20 years old, and after vomiting last night, I woke up this morning feeling unusually extremely fatigued. Like, can barely move, weird lightheadedness kind of thing. I have been drinking lots of water and ate a banana with a little peanut butter on it but I’m still not feeling better. What is a good way to restore your electrolyte balance? Should I go to a doctor?
Um, I made myself throw up. I guess I have bulimic tendencies. (but otherwise I’m completely healthy)

Answer by peanut 2
Why were you being sick?
Any ideas or was it completely random?

Answer by DAR76
I would buy some Coconut water like Zico, to rehydate.

Answer by moomix
It sounds like you have the stomach flu. Call your doctor just in case, but in the meanwhile try drinking lots of gatorade, or warm water with sugar and lemon in it (sugar restores electrolytes and I think lemon does too).

I have the stomach flu, and it helped a lot.

Answer by Trickz S
The reason why you feel extremely weak is because all the energy(food) you have put in has just been thrown back out. So your body is low on energy. The best way to make yourself feel better is just to rest and eat little by little. Don’t force anything too large too quick. Take your time

vomiting feeling: Feeling extremely weak a day after vomiting?