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Can a recent car accident lead to nausea, swayed vision, depression, extreme fatigue, being lathargic?
I just recently gotten out of a car accident. after the whiplash on my neck and the depression. i’m now feeling, nausea, hunger but don’t want to eat, blurred or swayed vision, and extreme extreme tiredness. i’m so lazy, i just want to sleep all day. i can barly function at work. Is this normal? Is being lathargic after an accident normal? Please help.

Answer by Hildegardis Bingensis
Go to the Hospital NOW. This sounds like concussion. Concussion can be fatal.

Answer by ?
Yes, if you damaged certain parts of your brain/nervous system it can. You need to go see a doctor ASAP.

Answer by thechinamom
GET to the ER NOW.
Whiplash and any blurred vision and the symptoms you are referring to means possible head injury.
There are many nerves in the neck and you could have injured them

Answer by luv2 mybro/sis
NO! it is not normal, are you sure that you didnt damage your head in the car accident?
These sound like symptoms of a mild concussion.
PLEASE go see a doctor, or even better, go to ER.
They will give you a quicker diagnosis than anyone on here can!

Answer by lakeplacidgirl2001
It’s possible that you have a concussion. You can get one even if you don’t hit your head, the whiplash is enough to do that. You end up with a coup-contre-coup type, where your brain gets bounced around against your skull.
Go to your MD and tell him what has happened and how you feel

Answer by Nichole
Of course….you had a stress……it’s surely effected you in every way. you need to see a doctor

Answer by BIGG JRODD 44
definitely go to the hospital have someone else bring you though and stay active until you get medical attention do not atempt to sleep or rest your eyes

Answer by ?
it is either post traumatic brain concussion,or post traumatic shock

Answer by Lisa
It sounds like you have a concussion. You need to go to a doctor immediately.

Answer by Tell it like it is
you might have brain damage, see a doctor to get checke

nausea tiredness: Can a recent car accident lead to nausea, swayed vision, depression, extreme fatigue, being lathargic?