What causes dizziness, achy joints, mild nausea, and fatigue?
I haven’t had fever. I just feel “off”, if that makes any sense. I’ve not felt well for quite sometime now. Feel free to ask me other questions regarding that.
It’s been going on for well over a week. I also feel light headed.

Answer by crystalrain
Sorry your feeling bad..could be anything really. Stress could cause those symptoms, or you could be coming down with something like the flu. It could even be medications your taking. Depends on how long you have been experiencing these pains and how severe they are. If it gets worse and it becomes unbearable it could be something serious so please go see a doc. Don’t try to diagnose yourself online because EVERYONE is different.

Answer by crazyem
if this has been going on for a while, I would check with my doctor to rule out fibromyalgia, lupus, and related chronic illnesses

Answer by krb
Could be something viral … you may not have a fever with a viral infection … or at least a low grade fever. Do you have any other symptoms? How long has it been going on? i would say if has been going on for greater then 3 days I would see a doctor.
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nausea fatigue: What causes dizziness, achy joints, mild nausea, and fatigue?