What are some ways to curb marijuana cravings?

Nov 2
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What are some ways to curb marijuana cravings?
I just recently weaned myself off of marijuana. I am now completely off of it. I have used this drug for many years now, several uses a day, tons of THC and other chemicals coming in. So naturally I am experiencing withdrawal and cravings.

Headaches, stomach issues, nausea, food seems unappetizing, body aches, bouts of sweating, etc.

Are there any good ways to curbs these events without relapsing or switching to another drug? Any help would be great, and if I could get advise from Doctors or previous marijuana users I’d appreciate it.

I want to live a substance abuse free life. Clear mind and body kind of thing. Thanks guys!

Answer by Garrett
Smoke more.

Answer by April
I stopped it when I went on vacation for 3 weeks when it wasn’t available to me and I didn’t experience any of those symptoms so I couldn’t help you.

Answer by Michael
I’ve been smoking weed for like a year and a half and have no intent to quit but when I do not have it I have the same withdraw symptoms. The only way I am able to stop these is smoking cigarettes. This will not work for you if you want a substance free life but if I were you I would go out and buy an e-cigarette with zero percent nicotine. It kind of tricks your brain. Other than that I would say just ride it out and it will get better over time. Congrats on quitting and wanting to love a substance abuse free life.
P.S. if you have any weed in your house sell it or get rid of it fast.

Hope this helps and good luck on staying sober.

Answer by skateforlife
Sleep for a few days, drink alot of fluids, itl be better in like a week u just gotta suck it up for now

Answer by __
i smoke multiple times daily, but I’ve never experienced withdrawal symptoms like this. i have however experienced anxiety and other mood disturbances when quitting. Ciggys always helped calm me
Maybe you are just anxious because you’re quitting a habit? try to keep your mind off it and do things to fill the time in. Just dont think about it for a couple days and you’ll be fine.
There’s also other herbs like damiana that’ll relax you

nausea headaches: What are some ways to curb marijuana cravings?


How early could I get morning sickness and food cravings?

Jul 2
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morning sickness feeling

How early could I get morning sickness and food cravings?
If I am pregnant, I would be about 3 weeks.
I get the feeling that im going to be sick a lot.
It isn’t just in the morning though,
I get it worse towards late evening.
And about the food craving thing, it is hard to tell.
But I normally do not like milk,
and I drank 3 pints in the past two days.
I don’t know if I am just driving myself crazy or what, but there is def. a good chance for pregnancy,
I am just wondering if these are early symptoms?
Serious answers only.
Please and Thank You!

Answer by smoch
Hey, im 7 weeks pregnant and i started feeling really sick at about 3/4 weeks, and altho they call it morning sickness i pretty much get it all day, some times worse than others.
i found the best way to get rid of it is snack on dry crackers and rest as often as you can :)

Answer by Ray-Ray
I have 4 children and the first things symptoms I always had were nausea vomiting
, my breast were sore when they were touched kind of how they were when I was 13 years old and they were still growing
I would also notice them being more plump.
You shouldn’t get the food cravings till about the second trimester at least that’s how I was.
another thing I would notice is if I pushed down on my abdomen right above my pubic bone I would feel that my uterus was hard but that wasn’t usually until about the third month.
I guess the best way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test.
If you are feeling sick it probably isn’t a good idea to drink alot of milk cause that will probably only make it worse.
a good place for info on early pregnancy symptoms is americanpregnancy.org
when you get there click on getting pregnant in the upper right hand corner then click on pregnancy symptoms under conceiving.
hope I was able to help a little. : )

morning sickness feeling: How early could I get morning sickness and food cravings?


I have nausea, fatigue, food cravings…?

Mar 26
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nausea fatigue

I have nausea, fatigue, food cravings…?
I have nausea, fatigue, food cravings, low blood sugar, am sexually active and using condoms, but they keeps slipping off of my man’s fellow (he’s a thin boy :) back aches, head aches, constipation, and am extremely moody / agitated. Finally The timing is perfect I get a one time spotting over a week before my period is due… VERY ODD. I thought maybe its coming VERY EARLY… no period just some bloody discharge that’s completely gone.

Could I really be pregnant? What else COULD it be… is what I want to hear right now.

Answer by Prof. Dr. Gayane Dolyan
It is always useful to know some symptoms of the pregnancy which could appear in most cases (besides missed period):
1.Changes in you appetite,
2.Frequent urination,
3.Morning sickness (vomiting in the morning),
4.Tender breasts (sometimes painful breasts),
5.Increased vaginal discharges (sometimes),
6.Other unusual feelings like sleepiness, restlessness, irritability, etc.
Read more below

Answer by Brookiee
if your period is late it is pregnancy.
Tell your boyfriend not be be ashamed and buy smaller condoms it will help in the long run.

Answer by dougalkittycat
you are pregnant classic symptoms

nausea fatigue: I have nausea, fatigue, food cravings…?

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