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continued nausea and anxiety along with vertigo attacks?
I have nausea, headaches and anxiety everyday. I cannot even sit down to eat. I have been diagnosed with vertigo, and get severe attacks only a couple of times a year, other times the dizziness just comes and goes. What could the underlying problem of the nausea be?

Answer by sarrie31
vertigo messes with your equilibrium, therefore causing nausea.

Answer by pamjh960
I’ve had vertigo and it sucks- for a while I was told I couldn’t drive because I never knew when an attack would come on. Turns out, the vertigo was actually a touch of arthritis in my neck (discovered by an MRI of the cervical spine), and after many physical therapy treatments I’m much better.

see your doctor- ask questions- press the issue if you’re not satisfied with the diagnosis…

Answer by 9lives
Have you ever had an Upper Respiratory Problem or some head trauma or an ear infection? Because Vertigo is mostly associated with Inner ear problem. leading to nausea…

well I can suggest 5mg of benadryl it can relieve you of vertigo and nausea, but that’s just temporary and it will make you sleepy… benadryl is primarily anti-histamine for allergy.

You better seek a more specific diagnosis or second opinion from doctors

nausea headaches: continued nausea and anxiety along with vertigo attacks?