What could cause constant bloating, stomach pain, and nausea?

Jun 8
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constant nausea

What could cause constant bloating, stomach pain, and nausea?
I have been having really bad bloating, nausea, and stomach pain for 3 weeks. The pain is located on my left side. I had my period, which was 3 days late, but not a big deal. I am also not about to start again for another 26 days so im sure it is not pms. I really do not think i could be pregnant because i had my period. The pain feels like period cramps but in my stomach. I have been getting so bloated that my clothes do not fit at the time. Now this does come and go. I will bloat and it will last for a few days subside then return. This also comes along with nausea and usually starts after i eat something but sometimes it just happens. My bowel movements have been regular and my diet has not changed. It hurts to the point where I have to take pain medication to be able to walk around. Sometimes its real bad and sometimes its mild. What could be wrong with me? I do not have insurance so a casual trip to the doctor is not in the budget. Is it just gas? This is just strange.
I can go to the doctor im just not wanting to pay 120 dollars for them to tell me to take some gas medication.

Answer by essentiallysolo
could be a number of things, gall bladder going bad, lactose intolerance, intestinal distress from mild food poisoning. Would suggest to you that if it doesn’t pass after two weeks, you had best budget for a doctor visit.

Answer by imperfectly
omg!!!!! i have the exact symptoms . except i am trying to get pregnant so every month i’m like “yay, i am finally pregnant”. but nope. just fat, bloated, nausea, and tired. i wish i had an answer for you. i am finally going to go to the dr. maybe you can go to a clinic? some grocery stores have them. or try researching it on the internet?

constant nausea: What could cause constant bloating, stomach pain, and nausea?

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Chronic Diarrhea, nausea, bloating, fatigue..?

Mar 29
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Chronic Diarrhea, nausea, bloating, fatigue..?
I have had chronic diarrhea (up to 10 trips to the bathroom daily, and has recently changed to dark green), nausea, fatigue, bloating, and aching in my lower abdomen (mostly the right side) for going on three months now. I went to the doc yesterday, and he ordered blood and stool tests. I am also scheduled for a colonoscopy in a few weeks. The doc mentioned Crohn’s Disease. Do any readers have any suggestions or opinions here? I am 28 mother, vibrant, normally energetic, and always on the go. Since this all started, I am so tired all the time. I am constantly running to the restroom. I have to “go” within an hour of eating anything, even just a bite of of bread. It is hard to go anywhere now, because of the frequency, and urgency of the bowel movements. P.S. I am not pregnant.

Answer by curious
Did your doctor check your ovaries? I just recently read those are symptoms of ovarian cancer, though you sound young for that. Not to scare you, but worth checking…

Answer by Country Gal
I have crohns disease diagnosed ten years ago. I had blood tests (high sed rate) barium follow through, CT scans, endoscopy, colonoscopy and it took him about two months to discover it in my ileum. My ileum was inflamed and they started me off with 40 mg Prednisone.

It is hard to see the ileum with either scope. I believe the follow through and the CT scans helped him find it.

Those symptoms match mine. Since then some friends have had similar symptoms but were diagnosed with different diseases. IBS, celiac, etc.

If it is crohns there are meds to keep the inflammation under control. My life is perfectly normal and fine now. I was glad for the DX. I went a few years without meds but had another flare and now am on lifelong meds. It keeps me well.

I feel great now. Good luck to You!

Answer by CoRRupT3D
You can try to drink loads of water and have just curd [Yoghurt or yogurt] for one whole day


I dont know for sure will it work for u in this a bit extreme condition but it always works for me [always]

It will cause u no harm so do give it a try

also let me know if it did.


Answer by Sheik
my wife had very similar stomach ailments about a year ago for about four days. here is her story in short: the FIRST physician who initial saw her was of the notion that she had a stomach virus of some sort. He suggested that she eat a bland diet for a few days. Days later the virus passed.

After the major issue passed her IBS/ stomach sensitivity became more troublesome, for somer reason. This prompted her to seek out different professional opinions. The SECOND physician conducted a colonoscopy, blood work, and stool tests. none for these tests offered any answers. this doctor suggested that she eliminate her dairy intake and limit her intake of any other hazardous foods e.i, greasy ,spicy foods etc.No meds were offered or prescribed by this particular physician.

the THIRD doctor reviewed the other doctors’ finding and immediately thought my wife suffers from severe IBS and lactose intolerances. this was something we previously suspected by us both. the THIRD physician prescribed a wonder pill which REALLY helped eliminate her unexpected trips to the restroom. This drug is called Xifaxan.

Weeks ago my wife stopped taking Xifaxan because we are trying to conceive. To our surprise most all of her previous stomach issues have all subsided – except for her lactose intolerances.

It sounds as if you have a virus of some kind. I’d strongly suggest you seek out the opinion of a second doctor, if you have the means to do so.
Good luck.

nausea fatigue: Chronic Diarrhea, nausea, bloating, fatigue..?

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Tired,Nausea,Bloating,Iregular bleeding,Moodiness,Boob tenderness?

Jan 30
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nausea tired

Tired,Nausea,Bloating,Iregular bleeding,Moodiness,Boob tenderness?
Been getting tired feeling a bit sick and i have bad moodswings my stomaches been bloated for a month
just got off implanon dont no what it could be,sore breasts

Answer by Emma

Answer by Freakin Flatulence
could you be prengent?

Answer by BR♥;
Since you just got off of birth control, this could be the change your hormones are going through. These are also symptoms of pregnancy, though. If this continues for more than 2 weeks, take a HPT and see whether your pregnant or not, and if the results come out negative, I’d go see your doctor if I were you, but I don’t think there is a big need to since you just got off of birth control, and this is your hormones changing around. Good luck!

nausea tired: Tired,Nausea,Bloating,Iregular bleeding,Moodiness,Boob tenderness?