What could be wrong? Body aches, fatigue, slight nausea?
I have all over body aches (like I have the flu, but with no other flu like symptoms) Fatigue, & slight nausea, I get nervous to go to the doc cause I am scared of what they will tell me! Does anyone know what could be wrong?
I have felt like this for 2 months or longer :-(

Answer by suzanne_una
It could be a virus or many other things like a thyroid problem or even pregnancy. You should go to the doctor because it is better to know what is going on than not know. Plus if you feel icky and if what ever you have is easily fixable, why suffer? Ignoring a health problem can make it worse so be brave and go to the doctor. Look at it this way, if it is nothing and the doctor does a quick physical on you, you get to avoid going back for another year :)

Answer by delectable
You have a fear of doctors, that’s what’s wrong. Go to the doctor if you feel really sick, because he/she might be able to help you.

Answer by Sci Guy
It could be adrenal fatigue, or even stress! I get severely nauseous when I’m stressed, and I’ve talked to other people who have had the same experience. I would go see a doctor but they won’t do anything terrible. They’ll probably order some blood tests, endoscopy, or scans. If everything is negative and you are still miserable after life changes, make an appointment with a psychologist. And yes, this weird stress illness can last for months, even years. See if your symptoms get wore in stressful situations though.

nausea fatigue: What could be wrong? Body aches, fatigue, slight nausea?