Constant nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, dizziness, cold symptoms… help?
Last week I was feeling perfectly fine. Friends came over, and we ate fried chicken for dinner. About an hour after I started feeling sick and ended up in a lot of stomach pain, and vomitting. I haven’t been able to function ever since… I haven’t been able to eat properly in 5 days (6th day today). I have constant stomach pain, like cramping/burning,accompanied by nausea. I also have a runny nose, headache and I’ve been coughing a bit.
I seemed to be subsiding so yesterday I had a chicken fajita and a salad for dinner. Everything was fine until about 4 hours later. My stomach started cramping VERY badly, I threw up a lot, had cold sweats and difficulty breathing. After about 2 hours, everything went away and I was fine again.
But there is this constant stomach burning and slight nausea, and it gets worse as soon as I mention food. All I am able to keep down without experiencing severe burning and nausea is herbal tea and fresh fruit/veggies.

I noticed both times I was sick I had eaten chicken. But I did not buy it at the same place.

Also today I noticed one of my fillings is missing. I’ve been getting fillings since the age of 8-9, I am now 22, so it could be old… and I was thinking, maybe I swallowed it.

Is here a sustance that is or was used in fillings that could be harmful if a filling is swallowed, maybe that’s what’s making me so sick.

Taking all of this in concideration, does anybody know what it could be?

P.S. I am NOT pregnant.

Answer by Morgie
Plz Consult with ur doctor asap, dont wait

Answer by S P
You should see your doctor. If you ate and it happened after it could be your gallbladder.

Answer by 1chefinva.
Sounds like a food allergy or sensitivity to food.I say this because you got very sick after eating bread products like the flour in the chicken .Keep a food diary cause it could be something like celiac disease .

constant nausea: Constant nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, dizziness, cold symptoms… help?