im constipated help really badly im felling dizzy because of it and kind of vomiting feeling?
i have a really good diet then why? tried everything ? and i only ate one meal the whole day not because i was consti but because i always eat one meal a day .
its hurting like hell. when i cough my stomach hurts
why do i see i doctor for is it because i only eat once well i cant help poverty can i
wots BM? hun

Answer by Diane B
You may need to see a doctor soon. You only eat one meal a day? No wonder you are constripated. You can try warm prune juice with butter, but you may be surprised at the outcome as it works quite well.

Answer by MJ
Eating one meal a day is not healthy. You should be eating three meals a day and having about 2 snacks a day consisting of fruits or veggies. If you have gone more than four days without a BM you should consult a doctor ASAP. Otherwise, grab about 10 dried plums or 1 1/2cups frozen blueberries and chow down. That will help push everything through without sending you running to the bathroom at warp apeed. Whatever you do, don’t eat more than 10 dried plums or you will be rushing.

Answer by lefamme
First of all you don’t sound that good and I suggest you see your doctor. I suffer the same and was very bad once and my doctor put me on natural fibre you can buy from the supermarket in the health section, it is called ‘ PHYSILLIUM HUSK’. When I was very bad, I had to take it mixed with water three times a day. Once you get back to normal, all you need to do is sprinkle a teaspoon daily onto your breakfast cereal, that will keep you regular. Good luck, I know how it feels.

Answer by starlet108
Go to the chemist and get yourself some Dulco-lax. Its what the hospital uses for constipation. Its gentle but does the job. You need to be eating more fibre in your diet – fruit & veg and make sure you drink plenty of water xx

Answer by dickierulous
A BM is A BOWEL MOVEMENT and if you get yourself round to see a doctor you’ll find out why you’re not having any ! ! !

vomiting feeling: im constipated help really badly im felling dizzy because of it and kind of vomiting feeling?