Feeling like vomiting always?

Apr 24
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vomiting feeling

Feeling like vomiting always?
I always have a feeling of vomiting, but it rarely comes out unless i force it.This is especially when i brush my teeth, while eating certain foods.Why does this have to happen.My mum told me it could be dirt in the heart.Could she be right or is it in my mentality.Anyone advise please and tell me what to do to stop it?

Answer by Katie B
Try not eating or drinking the foods that make you feel that way. Also go to a doctor who’s specialty is stomachs because i don’t think that if you were feeling like you were going to throw up that it has anything to do with your heart.

Answer by ☮Becky☮
For one, if you feel nauseated while brushing your teeth, it’s probably because you’re either pushing the brush too far back, or you have a sensitive gag reflex.

You could also be experiencing acid reflux/indigestion. I had and sometimes still have a feeling in my throat like I have to gag. When I went to the doctor, she said it was GERD (acid reflux) and put me on Protonix. This was four years ago, and I am no longer taking it.

Another possibility could be a food allergy. Your doctor can refer you to an allergy specialist if you both feel that is necessary for treatment.

You could also have sinus issues. Many of us tend to feel queasy due to post nasal drip – when the mucous is dripping from your nasal into your throat, causing a gagging sensation.

It can very well be mental – I am terrified of vomit, and when my nerves are bad or when I’m worrying, I do tend to feel sick to my stomach. Stress can do weird things to our bodies!

Either way, you don’t have dirt in your heart. If something was wrong with your heart, you wouldn’t be on the computer right now. Depending on how long you’ve had these symptoms, you may want to go to a doctor. In the meantime, stay away from spicy, greasy, and junk foods. Eat foods that are gentle on the stomach – foods that you enjoy. Stay away from those certain foods that cause you to feel sick!

I hope you feel better!

Answer by Getsaved
Talk to your doctor I’m sure it is not dirt in your heart

vomiting feeling: Feeling like vomiting always?

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Feeling nauseous and like I need to throw up?

Apr 19
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nauseous feeling

Feeling nauseous and like I need to throw up?
I am feeling sick to my stomach (no, not diarrhea or anything like that) but it’s really bad nausea and I feel like I could throw up any second. Could it be something I ate? I had a small breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch, and then a few chips for a snack a few hours ago. Please help me!

Answer by Kendal kisses
wow! i’ve been sick all day too!=( sorry.
i think it was just something you ate or a small case of the 24 hour flu idk. hope you feel better!! xo, kendal.

Answer by kraft_ray
no dont trow up it not the food you ate its just pains you are having

Answer by diane w
it may be something you ate or you could have a stomach bug-if you throw up you may feel better. Any fever or headache? Or- been out in the heat too long? or heat and humidity? that can do it- don’t get dehydrated! Drink enough water- Hope u feel better.

nauseous feeling: Feeling nauseous and like I need to throw up?