Nausea, Very tired, and Sore Throat-What is this?

Nausea, Very tired, and Sore Throat-What is this?
First it started off with nausea. I ate some toast and a banana. I have been really tired too, but have been sleeping a lot. Now my throat is starting to hurt. I dont have a fever and im 15. Can someone tell me what this can be? Some remedies too? I cant miss another day of school.

Thanks much!

-I have already had the flu this year so its probably not that.
-Also should i eat oranges? is that ok with nausea?

Answer by surojabu
Those are symptoms of swine flu, among other things. But since they are symptoms of swine flu, I suggest going to a doctor to rule it out.

As for eating. Keep it simple. Toast, scrambled eggs, rice (plain cooked rice, perhaps a little chicken broth, but nothing else in it), crackers. No milk, no acidic foods (juice, oranges, etc.). Try to drink ginger ale if you can. Plain tea or chamomile tea with honey would be good both for the sore throat and stomach.

Answer by dr zebi (Proud to be Pakistani)
It’s not swine flu its acute pharyngitis
A- General measures:
1- Bed rest 2- Plenty of fluids 3- warm saline gargles 4- analgesics like aspirin 5- Honey on toast is awesome to get rid of one.

B- Specific treatment:
1- Penicillin G 200,00 – 250,000 units four times a day for four days
2- erythromycin (in Penicillin sensitive individuals) 20mg/kg/day in divided oral doses for 10 days

nausea tired: Nausea, Very tired, and Sore Throat-What is this?

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