nausea, tiredness, and now acid reflux.?

nausea, tiredness, and now acid reflux.?
For over a week, I have been feeling very nauseated, and tired. I took two pregnancy test and both came out not pregnant. Today, after eating lunch at work, i began getting acid reflux, which I have never had before, and that wont go away! For a while now, I will get this burning sensation in my left side of my stomach, I dont know if it is related to what has been going on with me recently or not. If you have been through this before or know whats going on please help! Thanks!

Answer by L C
There are a lot of things this could be from these 2 symptoms, including anxiety, a food allergy, taking too much of an over-the-counter medication, or cancer, even. You should probably talk to your doctor and see if there are other symptoms that could point to something more specific, but also look up Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Nausea isn’t common with it, but it can happen.

An Upper Endoscopy will inspect the esophagus and stomach for things like an ulcer and can help diagnose the cause of this for you, too. If you don’t have insurance, you can get cash price quotes on MediBid.

Answer by Math_Maestro
I agree with L C’s Answer, my mother is a retired nurse & she has taken care of nausea, at home in nursing homes & hospitals, until 1976.

nausea tiredness: nausea, tiredness, and now acid reflux.?

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