Nausea, Not eating well , weight loss , & hard to sleep!?

Nausea, Not eating well , weight loss , & hard to sleep!?
I’ve been feeling all these crazy kind of symptoms for over a month.
What happened was that one Saturday I vomited & that week I was doing fine until Thursday night istarted feeling really sick like alot of Nausea ( I dislike vomiting very much) so I tried going to sleep but I couldn’t because I was uncomfertable because of the Nausea so the next day I felt the same but I wasn’t hungry at all so I had this for over a month my parents said it was all in my head that it was me getting my self sick but no. I got tired of feeling like this so I begged my mom to take me to the doctor & my doc said it sounded like I had a bacteria in my stomach. I took 3 test 2 came out normal 1 I had to retake. I’m worried because I want to be the same girl I was before always hungry happy full of energy.
My symptoms changed from when I went to the doctor; Nausea,Not hungry,heartburn,Not sleeping well,burping (very weirdly), hands & feet get really cold, & well yea. I need help because I’m tired of feeling this way is there anything I can take for all the Nausea to go away & for me to get hungry again.
Please help I want to go back to the old me.

Answer by Annalise

Answer by Natalie
even though you don’t feel hungry you need to eat ! if you don’t eat enough you will feel nauseaus and won’t be able to sleep and obviously you will lose weight so i would just suggest eating more even though your not hungry x

Answer by Chocolate Rain
Ok I’ve had these symptoms before but not for nearly as long as you have. A big problem is that you
could be constipated. Are you? If yes I recomend drinking some prune juice. If you dont have a bowl
movement every day, you’re not getting enough fiber. Secondly, you need to start eating. I know how it feels, you feel like you’re not hungry, but every meal that you skip, you are skipping your brain of the nutrients that it need, and it will slowly begin to shut down. just TRY to eat something. No junk. And lastly, hike up on the vitamin C. You probobly have a virus and your system is not getting enough vitamin C to help fight it off. I recomend getting some vitamins, gumies are great, or
Emergen-C. But yea you MUST start eating because it doesn’t sound like you’re in good shape at all. I really hope I helped and that you’ll feel better. I hate feeling like that.

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