nausea feeling days after having drunk alcohol?

nausea feeling days after having drunk alcohol?
i went out on wednesday night and drank quite a lot of alcohol. at the time i wasn’t sick or anything but i am still feeling nauseous now and it is nearly 3 days since i have drunk anything.
what could it be?
i doubt it is alcohol poisoning because i wasn’t sick at the time or now, it is simply nausea. and if it was alcohol poisoning wouldn’t the symptoms have passed by now because it has almost been 3 days?

Answer by Leo
Could be you got alcohol poisoning or was a drink spiked with something??

Answer by Damiano
You’ve probably got some sort of bug.
When you drink alcohol, it dehydrates you and runs down your immune system. This leaves your body vulnerable to picking up viruses.
I would give it a few days, if it persists go and see a Doctor

[I sympathize with you, I’m dying today ;-) ]

Answer by C S
You need to drink some water and detox your body.
I dare say you have given your liver and kidneys a fair hammering. I don’t know what your regular drinking pattern is but if you over indulge often then you may have more serious problems going on and should see your gp.

Otherwise it really is a simple case of dehydration.
If you eat anything make sure it is simple carbs – white rice, white bread, boiled potato, until your body feels settled.

Answer by RKANTER
There Is a virus going around with these symptoms. Eat a gentle diet like crackers, water, soft boiled eggs, etc. You should start feeling better In another couple of days. The alcohol may have depressed your Immune system.

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