Nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite?

Nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite?
For the past week or two, I’ve been experiencing feelings of nausea, been extremely drained of energy, and have not felt hungry at all.

-Nausea will go away for short periods of time, then always return.
-Used to have a monstrous appetite (ex. Used to eat 3 slices of pizza and not feel full at all, and now can hardly manage 1)
-Appetite is nearly gone completely.
-Feeling extremely tired throughout the day, even though I sleep around 12 hours a day

I go out and do things to take my mind off it, because the nausea and fatigue remains the same whether I’m active or laying down. I just get so tired, I don’t eat often (even though I’d like to, and usually do), and I’ve felt nauseous for the past 2 weeks.

Could this be Mono? I realize that these are very common symptoms to many diseases… which seems most likely?

I don’t think I’m depressed… I have absolutely nothing to be depressed about, my life is going great! (Other than this little sickness hitch)

And I’m a guy, so no, not pregnant.
I’m a 16 year old male, if that makes a difference

Answer by Ladybird
if ur a guy ur deperessed if ur a girl, ur pregnant. i wish everything in life could b this simple

Answer by rennes89
sounds like mono and should be checked out by a doctor.
you may be derpressed..but you didn’t say.
also how old are you?
btw, once you have never goes away.. you’ll always have it lurking and sometimes have flareups..
you’re not a girl so you can’t be

Answer by Lulu will miss Sil 2 :(
maybe your anemic, or your bad eating habits finally caught up to you …you need to see the doc asap get a blood test..

Answer by Anama
absence of a sore throat makes me think that you are NOT on the right track!
If your mono test comes back negative,get yourself tested for gluten and/ or lactose intolerance!!! I had the same issues for about 10 years!! I am not joking! Those were my first symptoms. You would NOT believe how hard it is to get this VERY common disease diagnosed (1 out of every 130 peeps, autism is 1/ 150! so honestly,one person should be diagnosed with it about every 18-20 seconds if docs were screening properly! Yikes!)
go here:

and remember you can have one or NONE or ALL of the symptoms. The blood screening test you want is a TtG.
Good luck!
Emma, I also had anemia for 2 years and had to do treatments until I finally figured it out. Have you been tested as well? I would hate for you to miss out on a earlier diagnosis because I said nothing! I hope it isn’t, but thought I should warn you!

Answer by Emma
Hi–I’d probably go see a doctor if I were you. I don’t think it is mono–generally people with mono have a killer sore throat. It could be some kind of anemia, which would certainly cause the symptoms you’ve mentioned. And of course, if you have say, iron-deficiency anemia (or even an iron deficiency), it would be exacerbated by the fact that you aren’t eating very well.

Anyway, make an appt. with your GP and ask for a full blood work-up (CBC, vitamins, everything). Keep us posted.

Answer by Savage
ever had a heart condition?

I’d go see the family doctor right away

shouldn’t be something too serious.

good luck

Answer by blazerie
hiya,i no wot ur goingg through trust me..i was like that for 2yrs,i got so that i couldn’t get outa bed i was so other symptom’s were depression.IBS. weight loss.eatin alot of salty foods.i have addison’s.look it up.but its rare tho.

nausea fatigue: Nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite?

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