Nausea, extremely tired? what could be wrong?

nausea tired

Nausea, extremely tired? what could be wrong?
I am nauseated and extremely tired. I keep falling asleep after work/ going to bed early. I have not been getting any less sleep then usual, am not under any more stress than usual, and have not been exercising any more or less. The most obvious answer is pregnancy as I have also had sore breasts and a weird on and off period that only lasted 2 and a half days instead of my usual 4 and a half. I tested negative on friday again and I would have been 6 weeks. I have been on the pill for almost 2 years so it’s not side effects and it is not normal to have a weird “period” because it’s not a true period it’s a withdrawal from the hormone. I do have a doctor’s appointment for next week so please don’t tell me that. I just want to know if you’ve had these symptoms and not been pregnant and what could be causing it.
I also was not stressing that I might be pregnant because I did not realize I had missed a few pills this month (not in a row but here and there). I didn’t think about it until the nausea and weird period.Thank you in advance

Answer by Anita Goodman
sounds like you are in your first trimester of pregnancy.

Answer by Crystal Anderson
could be your pregnant

Answer by vampy;)
congratulations! you’re pregnant, lets hope you’re not broke or anything :D

Answer by Christy
Sounds like your pregnant to me. It makes you extremeley tired because it makes your heart work over time for you and the baby. Normally if you been taking birthcontrol for that long there is no way you would have a side effects that long into taking it. You would get the side effects when you first started taking it. Missing birthcontrol is always possible plus if you take antibiotics with birthcontrol it will not work. Best of luck. Hope you find out. Sometimes the pregnancy test do not work with some people. You have to do them early of the morning when you have not drank anything. The best thing is to take a blood test at the doctor they are more accurate.

Answer by Jessica Najera-leon
You could have a cervicitis infection. I got one n I read up all about it n nausea and fatigue are symptoms of a really advanced infection. Thank God mine wasn’t so I didn’t get these symptoms. I actually didn’t get any symptoms at all which is scary cuz I would have never known anything was wrong if I didn’t get my pap smear done. but like I said I read about it. Make sure u mention ur worries to ur dr.

nausea tired: Nausea, extremely tired? what could be wrong?

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