Nausea after eating sweets, do I have diabetes?

nausea eating

Nausea after eating sweets, do I have diabetes?
Ive started to notice for about 2-3 weeks now, that I get a bit nauseus after eating sweets in particular. It doesnt go as far as throwing up, stomach problems, no more thirst than normal, not tired all the time or anything else, just the nausea. It happends even with eating tiny amounts like a maraschino cherry! I dont want to rush and think negative but this is weird. I just dont understand how this could be happening since I just had a baby 3 months ago and I was way bigger then and did not have gestational diabetes and now that ive lost 25lbs since, this is happening? Please help! Oh and im not pregnant, im on my period now.

Answer by Kathleen
A symptom of diabetes would be diarrhea after eating sweets. Maybe it’s time to change your diet, but mention this to your doctor next time you see him.

Nausea is not a symptom of diabetes.

Answer by Andrea J
The main symptoms of diabetes – feeling hungry and thirsty, and having to pee all the time.
Losing weight for no apparent reason.

May also give you a headache, or nausea, but without the first few symptoms I’ve listed, it’s probably not diabetes.
Having a baby seems to make you feel nauseous for a few months off and on. It did me. But it wore off eventually. Still, if it’s really bad, I might mention it to the doctor.

Answer by Gary B
Do you ALSO have an A1C reading greater than 6?

Diabetes canNOT be diagnosed from symptoms. Symptoms alone are far too unreliable, as the symptoms for diabetes are ALSO shared by other “diseases” including puberty, slipped disks, and menopause! Nausea after eating sweets is NOT a sign of diabetes.

the ONLY way to know if you are diabetic is to have blood tests, and the BEST blood test to take is the A1C test. Make a doctors appointment and ASK FOR it

nausea eating: Nausea after eating sweets, do I have diabetes?

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