Mouth watering and constant nausea?

Mouth watering and constant nausea?
I’ve always had stomach problems, but just recently in the last month have I been getting sick after EVERY thing I eat. Sometimes it’s just a bit of nausea and then it clears up. Other times its full blown v vomiting. I spend most of my time sleeping now and avoiding eating because I constantly feel sick. It’s also accompanied with an extreme watering mouth.

Anyone have any ideas before I make a doctor visit?
I’ve already been diagnosed with IBS several years ago. Is this a side effect of it?

Answer by Angela
Any diarreah? It could be irritable bowl syndrom. But the watering of the mouth throws if off a little. Try asking your doctor about IBM. It’s pretty common.

Answer by Jecs O
maybe you are pregnant or their is worm infestation

Answer by Kurtis P
Could be a blood sugar issue or dehydration. Do you have pets? Are you pregnant? You still have to eat something. Chicken soup & crackers. Drinking orange juice and plenty of water. Maybe some healthy antioxidant green tea. I drink Bigelow tea when I don’t feel good. You can get some pepto bismol or air borne. You also want to talk to and/or see a doctor. Check out the link below to find some answers. I occasionally use this site to find symptoms when I feel sick.

constant nausea: Mouth watering and constant nausea?

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