im having symptom of pregnancy: urination, appetite, lower back pain, nausea, headaches?
but ive taken two pregnancy test and both of them are negative i thought maybe it was my birth control but ive been taking them for 4 months and these symptoms have just started in the last month so im wondering if i should go to a doctor or just take another test
i had my period kinda it was only two days and not a lot of bleed like i usually do

Answer by Megan H
I would take another test, just for the immediate answer, but definately make a Dr. appt. because this could be something else if it’s not pregnancy.

Answer by tinow
you may be testing too early. What I can say is if you are trying theres a slight chance you could be over sensitive to this kind of thing, because ur body desperately wants to be preggers.

if your in doubt, contact ur gp and go see them.

ps I had the same symptoms 3 months ago – im not pregnant but my bloody sister is!!!

Answer by ConfusednOHIO
i would go to the doctor. u may have a UTI or something. they can also give u a pregnancy test there. sometimes if a pregnancy is really early a store bought test will not show a positive.

Answer by meatandpotatoes
go to the doc’s birth control can mess you up

Answer by Twilight_Girl<3
You’re symptoms could be other things besides pregnancy. It could be a pelvic infection maybe… I’m no expert. If you’re on birth control there is still a chance it could be pregnancy, but the best thing to do, would probably wait a few more days depending on how late you are with your “ladies problems” If you are more than 2 weeks late, i suggest going to the doctors, if you are pregnant, it might not always show up on a urine test. But if you are less than 2 weeks late, maybe wait a till your 2 week mark, if you’re still late… take another test, if negative; go to the doctors.

Answer by Aleysha
well it could be too soon to take a test.
wait a few more weeks and take a test.
have you not had a period yet?
if these symtpoms carry on and you keep getting negative tests then go to the doctor for a blood test .

nausea headaches: im having symptom of pregnancy: urination, appetite, lower back pain, nausea, headaches?

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